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Author: Arwynne O’Neill – Published January 2024


Sun Conjunct Pluto

On January 20th, 2024 the Sun is going to be conjunct Pluto at 29° Capricorn. This is the last major aspect that Pluto makes in Capricorn as the Sun and Pluto both move into Aquarius the next day. Pluto’s final transit into Aquarius comes in November, after a brief retrograde this fall.

So we’re going to talk a bit about what you can expect from this transit, then what it looks like in your natal chart and then we’ll have some celebrity examples.


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The Sun Conjunct Pluto in Transit

This transit happens once a year, so next time the Sun and Pluto are conjunct in January 2025, they’ll be in Aquarius.

As we’ve said before, anytime Pluto connects with a personal planet and the Sun is about as personal as it gets, we can expect to feel its effects. They won’t really not long lasting because the sun moves pretty quickly, but it’s about a day or so. Of course, if you have the sun in Capricorn you will have been experiencing the Pluto conjunction for a while and if you have it at 29° Capricorn that aspect will be exact on January 20, so all of this will apply to you in a big way.

The Sun conjunct Pluto in transit can dramatically increase your desire for power and your ability to influence outcomes in your life. You may feel this heightened intensity within yourself or you could observe it around you, and it could lead to power struggles. You may become controlling and manipulative towards other people or you may begin to feel paranoid, as if hidden enemies were plotting against you, but this is probably not how most people will experience this transit.

A more productive use of these energies would be conducting research and investigatimg mysteries or deep instrospection. You may be able to get to the bottom of psychological issues at this time because this transit can bring about the sort of obsessive behavior that’s obviously beneficial if you’re investigating anything.

Some dramatic or upsetting events may occur, especially involving power struggles and reversals of fortune, the mighty being brought down by hidden secrets coming to light or abuses of power being exposed.

In your life this would be a good time to excavate, investigate, and eliminate… That could be as simple as de-cluttering, getting rid of anything that’s getting in your way and no longer serving you, and this could include relationships or work that’s unfulfilling and anything else that you have outgrown and that’s holding you back. You have access to extra reserves of power at this time that you should try to make use of, in the form of both willpower and the will to power.

The Sun Conjunct Pluto in the Birth Chart

People with the Sun conjunct Pluto in their charts can be profoundly intense people, they can wield great power and influence but they could also be subject to powerful forces and those forces can either destroy them or make them stronger. They can be incredibly ambitious people with a great deal of willpower and a probing, piercing nature that can come across as overbearing.

They can read people very well and get to the bottom of matters because they are excellent researchers they have very political minds, so they can be very effective leaders. They value their privacy, and they can even come across as mysterious or paranoid. They can also get embroiled in decadent, self-destructive behaviors, ruthless power struggles and manipulation of others. They are often attracted to the dark side, or the Underworld, which may include addictions, criminal activities, etc. But they can also become great investigators or go up against the powers that be and bring about change from revolutionary or investigative activities.

Celebrities and Historical Figures with the Sun Conjunct Pluto

And you can really see this in some of our celebrity examples. Artists with this aspect are often instrumental in creating art, movies and literature exploring the relationship between power and the powerless.

Celebrities with Sun conjunct Pluto:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Martha Stewart, Steve Wozniak, Mick Jagger, Emmet Till, Alan Turing, Hunter S. Thompson, Hulk Hogan, Lance Armstrong, Victor Hugo, Charlie Sheen, Tim Burton, Jada Pinkett Smith and Emperor Nero.


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Arwynne O’Neill: Research Astrologer

Arwynne O’Neill works as a research astrologer in Vancouver, with a focus on delving into historical cycles and how they relate to societal transformations as influenced by the energies of the outer planets.

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