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Recommended Reading

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Start With These Books

The books listed below are my GoTo astrology books. They are the ones I recommend you buy when you first start to build your astro book shelf.

I’m not saying these are the only books you will need but new astrologers often ask for suggested titles so here is my offering.

Over time you will buy many publications. I encourage diversity in your reading as well.


Beginner’s Astrology Books

Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide This is a handy year planner/diary and has all the planet’s information for the year.

Practical Astrology by Priscilla Costello. A good introductory astrology book.

The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook by Sue Tompkins. If you only buy one astrology book make it this one. It is the best contemporary astrology around now and is readily available at good bookstores.


Read more >>> Signs

Intermediate Astrology Books 

The Twelve Houses by Howard Sapportas. This is an in-depth book on the houses. Read my review.

Astrology and the Authentic Self by Demetra George. A different book. Read my review.

The Book of the Moon by Steven Forrest. This is a solid Moon specific book. Read my review.

Aspects in Astrology by Sue Tompkins. This is a brilliant book on aspects.




Forecasting Astrology Books

Predictive Astrology – The Eagle and the Lark by Bernadette Brady. The best forecasting astrology book. Packed with information that may not make sense the first time you read it but this is an exceptional book and should be the first one you buy for forecasting.

Planets in Transit by Robert Hand. Every astrologer needs this book. It is arguably the best transit book ever written.

The Art of Predictive Astrology by Carol Rushman. An interesting forecasting book with lots of example charts. This author is the first one I’ve read who progresses the house cusps.

Solar Arc Directions by Frank Clifford. A slim volume but excellent astrology.

Planets in Solar Returns by Mary Shea. Mary Shea has just about written the final word on solar return charts. This book is essential if you do solar return charts.

Predictive Astrology by Sakoian and Acker. A good if old book. Simple and straightforward.



An ephemeris is a book with all the planet’s positions, eclipse information and other important astronomical goodies you will need one day. You will need an ephemeris for forecasting but by this time you should have got one anyway and have it on your desk.

The American Ephemeris Trans Century Edition: 1950 – 2050 by Neil F Michelson. You need this book. Purple cover.

The American Ephemeris for the 20th Century: 1900 – 2000 by Neil F Michelson.  Red cover.

The American Ephemeris for the 21st Century: 2000 – 2050 by Neil F Michelson. . Blue cover.

Notes on ephemerides:

The above ephemerides are now available in one book from 1950 to 2050 as well. Purple cover. You need this book.

When buying a pair of ephemerides make sure they are both either Noon or Midnight do not get one of each.

I personally prefer midnight so if you get one ephemeris get midnight.

Relationship Astrology Books

Synastry by Rod Suskin. Up to date.

Person to Person Astrology by Stephen Arroyo. This book is a little older but has in-depth insights into relationships.

When I first started to learn astrology back in the day my teacher at the time David Saunders made us refer to Stephen Arroyo and his work as “Saint Stephen” because his books are so good. I still call him Saint Stephen today.

Synastry by Ronald C. Davison. You will need this book when you learn about Davison Relationship Charts which are similar to composite chart but not composite charts.

The Astrology of Human Relationships by Sakioan and Acker. Another older book but has good information.

Synastry by Sasha Fenton. A closer look at the relationships between two charts.

Love Signs by Linda Goodman. What can I say? Goodman still has the best book on love relationships and astrological insights that stand the test of time.

Planets in Composite by Robert Hand. The bible for midpoint composite charts.

2024 Relationship Book Recommendations

These are our 2024 relationshop astrology book recommendations.


Arwynne’s Picks

Mystic Medusa’s Sun Signs and Soul Mating by Mystic medusa

Sky Mates Love, Sex and Evolutionart Astrology by Jodie and Steven Forrest

Cosmic Love by Jan Spiller

Person to Person Astrology by Steven Arroyo

Through the Looking Glass: A search for the self in the mirror of relationships by Richad Idemon


Alison’s Picks

Synastry by Rod Suskin

Planets in Love by John Townley

Planets in Composite: Analysing human relationships by Robert Hand

The Astrology of Houman Relationships by Sakoian and Acker

Synastry by Ronald Davison


Listen to the full podcast episode below.



Recommended Trade Periodicals (Magazines)

The Astrological Journal (from the Astrological Association of Great Britain). Worth the cost and it has up-to-the-minute astrology thought.

The Mountain Astrologer (USA). Every astrologer should subscribe to The Mountain Astrologer.

Wellbeing Astrology Magazine (Australia). A beautiful astrology magazine and good for non-astrologers. This is not a technical magazine but heart-warming.

Dell Horoscope Magazine. A good magazine for astrology and answers readers questions on astrology.

Recommended Astrology Cards and Tarot cards

Pure Astrology Reading Cards by Pure Astrology –

Canadian designed and made astrology reading cards. Buy now.



The Mandala Astrological Tarot by A.T.Mann – These are the only astrology Tarot cards I know. If you can read astrology charts you can read these Tarot cards because the knowledge is transferrable. The cards are square and easy to use.

Astrology Reading Cards by Alison Chester-Lambert and Richard Crookes – The Findhorn Press. I used these cards at most readings and always at my on-the-spot readings as they are lots of fun. There are three suits of cards; planets, signs and houses and the client chooses one from each suit which is the read. Simple.

Astrodice from the Wessex Astrologer.


Professional Astrology Software

In the 5 levels of an astrologer, the biggest difference between an amateur astrologer and a professional astrologer is that the professional astrologer has Solar Fire.

Solar Fire Gold (for PC) You need this software. read my review of Solar Fire

Astro Gold (App for iPhone and IPad). You need this app. If you can’t afford Solar Fire get Astro Gold but you need them both.

My favorite Astrology Book

My all-time favorite astro book is Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos.

I have an old 1822 copy which I bought from eBay years ago. I also bought a new shiny reproduction copy so I can use the new one a daily basis.

Yes, I like to read this book.

It has some olde worlde wording which is part of its charm.

For example Chapter 11 begins with:

“The Conception, and the Parturition, or Birth; by which latter Event quits the Womb, and assumes another State of Existence.”

Perhaps not a book for everyone but if you know all that is in this book and apply it to your readings then you will be a fine astrologer indeed.

There is no end

There is no end to the books you can buy once astrology takes its grip on your life.

If you love the patterns and insights that an astrology chart can reveal then you will always be looking for books.

I have many other books. Some are now in my apartment lockup because I have no room. I’m working on getting rid of unwanted astrology books to help in my minimalist trend at the moment.

Not every astrology book will touch your heart.

You too will buy books that don’t resonate with you and it is ok to pass them on to someone else. If you can keep your astrology book collection to a manageable amount you will have the best books for you.

Happy reading.



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