Reviewed by Alison Price.

Flare Publications, revised edition 2007, approx. 18.99 GBP, 323p.

The late Howard Sasportas was an acclaimed astrologer of the 20th century. His book “The Twelve Houses” is a thorough interpretation guide to the houses in a horoscope.

The houses are one of the three basic building blocks in chart interpretation after signs and planets. House systems are a perennial discussion for astrologers. Sasportas begins Part I by covering in great depth the different house systems available. If you choose not to use equal house or whole sign houses in your work you may select a time based system. He explains the specific calculations and theories to determine house cusps. You may wish to skip the astronomical detail in this section and reference it later.

‘Mapping the Journey’ is the sub-title for Part II and here he covers the four angles, succeedent and cadent house cusps and offers a delineation of each. Every house is explored from a psychological viewpoint. This approach may be the ultimate path taken for chart interpretation by contemporary astrologers.

In Part III he presents a guide to life’s possibilities and analyses every planet/house combination. Here he again takes a psychological and sometimes spiritual approach to the suggested interpretations.

Some may say this book is the definitive work on astrological houses available today. Howard Sasportas, an Aries Sun, has pioneered a solid astrology text book with insights to offer the beginner and advanced student of alike. I highly recommended this publication for all levels. It would be an asset to any astrologer’s bookshelf.

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