Astrology and The Authentic Self by Demetra George

Integrating traditional and Modern Astrology to Uncover the Essence of the Birth Chart

A book review by Alison Price.

Ibis Press, published 2008 $24.95

Astrology Toronto was fortunate enough to host Demetra George at their annual guest weekend event during 2008. All who attended will agree that it was a special presentation indeed. Demetra George specializes in archetypal mythology and ancient techniques which is a subject not often approached in mainstream astrological study.

Astrology and the Authentic Self is a book like no other, in that George is a Hellenistic astrologer and draws her inspiration from many of the ancient teachings which have, after all, been the basis for astrology as we know it. She presents early Greek astrological thinking in a way that is both concise and fresh which should appeal to the contemporary astrologer.

Addressing the actual reading, she explores ways in which one can say something meaningful within in the context of a one hour consultation. Providing a study guideline at the end of each section she succinctly summarises the essence within the book.

Emphasis is placed on establishing the framework within the nativity and covers such issues as the life direction and life purpose which are potentiated by the chart. George explores the advanced topics of the progressed lunation cycle, nodes, eclipse interpretation and annual profections to name a few. She then moves on to the subject she is most famous for the asteroid archetypes.

This book may not appeal to beginners, it is probably more beneficial to read this publication after you have a thorough grasp of chart analysis and wish to take your delineation to new heights.