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Author: Alison Price   –   Published: April 2024

Jupiter Conjoins Uranus

Conjunction of the Month

On April 21st, 2024 Jupiter finally gets to the exact conjunction with Uranus.

This is a one hit transit as Jupiter is moving direct and close to the Sun.

Neither of the superior planets are past the trine to the Sun and therefore there cannot be a three-hit transit in April with Jupiter and Uranus.

Triple hits transits frequently happen, but not this time.

It’s like Jupiter is gaily trotting through Taurus and connects to Uranus, BAM, then makes a clean getaway.

Uranus has been in Taurus since 2018 and Jupiter only entered Taurus in May last year.

The exact conjunction is at 21° Taurus which makes this degree the moment for the start chart for the Jupiter Uranus synodic cycle.

In Orb

Jupiter applies to Uranus (use a 1° orb) on April 15th. This conjunction shall remain within orb until Jupiter breaks the connection when is separates on April 26th.

This blended planetary energy begins, peaks and fades in a mere eleven days, or just over a week and a half.

Synodic Cycle Start Chart

I’ve cast the synodic cycle start chart for the Jupiter Uranus conjunction.

The influence of this cycle will last for thirteen years until the next conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in 2037.


​2037 Conjunctions

During the 2037 conjunction there will be three exact hits. One direct, the next retrograde and the third direct.

This all goes down over a period of two months during March and April 2037. It all happens in Cancer.

Interestingly, this means that the sign of The Twins is bypassed altogether for a Jupiter Uranus conjunction.

Who this Conjunction Affects

Your Birthday

If you were born between the 15th to 26th of April, this conjunction will be hard baked into your solar return chart. The significance for you will last for a full 12 months until your next birthday.

Planets at 21° Taurus

If you have planets at 21° Taurus (with a one-degree orb coming and going), this powerful conjunction will impact you in the nature if the natal planet, including its complex, being conjoined.

​Your Natal Houses

Find out which of your natal houses the Jupiter Uranus conjunction will be in as that is the area of life which is likely to be stimulated.


The Jupiter Uranus conjunctions may bring themes of:

  • Expanding internet widgets.
  • Growth through technology.
  • Fashionable excesses.
  • Potential knowledge.
  • Broader social impacts.
  • Luck and genius.
  • Lateral thinking that provides.
  • A breadth of brilliance.
  • Optimistic outlook for the future.
  • Overbeaing radicalism.

Natal Houses of Aspiring Astrologers

As Uranus is the planet which rules astrology let’s explore some more personal astrologer-centric interpretation options:

  • Grow your astrological knowledge.
  • Expand your astrology skills.
  • Tap into your unique astrology understanding.
  • Broadcast what you know in astrology.
  • Become a guru in your astrology group.
  • Take the road less travelled with astrology.
  • Use lots of tech and Astro apps for your chart calculations.
  • Profess to know a breadth of new techniques.
  • Expect astrology insights to come more naturally.

In Astrologer’s Natal Houses

First House

You identify yourself as an astrologer as your knowledge grows.

Second House

You start to gain income through your astrology insights as your astrology improves.

Third House

You sign up for more short courses around your astrology focus to enrich your knowledge.

Fourth House

You practice astrology at the kitchen table in your home and your practice grows.

Fifth House

You offer party astrology which increases your influence and astrology becomes fun.

Sixth House

You consider working as an astrologer and start to sort out your home office practical arrangements so you can grow.

Seventh House

You find a benefactor, partner or silent partner for your astrology business.

Eighth House

You help others with their dark and difficult charts whilst bringing hope into their lives.

Ninth House

Now you take your astrology education seriously and enroll for some advanced topic courses.

Tenth House

You go public with your astrology and build a huge reputation as a brilliant astrologer.

Eleventh House

You find your audience, your tribe and the people you can help with your particular style of astrological insights.

Twelfth House

You choose to be reflective and explore astrology in private to make sure you know everything you need before you can assist others.

Core Takeaway

These are just some of my ideas about how you, as an aspiring astrologer, can work with this dynamic conjunction which we are blessed to live with this month.

As with all transits, you can just sit back and let the energy flow over you, or you can bring your genius to bear, focus and grow something great in the field of astrology.

Extend Yourself

In your astrology journal, answer the following questions to get a better idea of how this conjunction may express itself in your chart.

  • In which natal house does this conjunction occur for you?
  • Does this conjunction contact any planet or point in your chart?
  • What do you plan to do with this transient burst of energy in your astrological life?

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