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Author: Alison Price   –   Published: June 2024

Example Chart : Super Jupey

This is an example chart reading for our listener Super Jupey. I think the name comes from the prominence of Jupiter in this chart.



The Natal Chart



Strong Polarity

In astrology the broadest stroke is polarity. The passive polarity is strong with five planets in it.


This suggests that she will absorb things around her. These cna be both positive abd negative impressions and she will lean heavily on her understanding or what is really going on.

There can be a part where she accepts what other dish out but in time she will reject what does not serve her.

This woman will seem easy going and even a pushover at first, but in time you will discover her other side. When you do encounter her core you will have entered into the inner circle of her life.




Strong Element

Water is the strongest element with four planets that is two more than the next best element.


This strength will come thorough in her intuition and emotional side.

Everything will have to feel right for her to be comfortable with people or situations.

It is essential that she pays attention to atmospheres and used her natural intuition to keep herself safe. She can “read a room” better than most.

There will have to be an emotional connection to people in her life. this is not a wishy washy theme, but rather. a core part of who she is.




Strong Mode

Fixed is the strong mode with two more than the next best mode.


This indicste she can be quite ridgid in her approach. There will have to be a really good reasosn for her to change the way she does things nd how she thinks. But one she’s seen the light she will be fully on board with the new plan.



Dispositor Tree

Mars is Final Dispositor

This chart is a “Mars Final Dispositor Tree.”

Mars is at the top and all the planets are connected together on one tree.

This makes Mars supremely important nds it is also the chart ruler.


Dispositor Tree: Gateway Planet


Jupiter is a gateway planet (red dotted circle) because it is a middle planet and has planets above and three below.

This gives Jupiter a lot of say about the energy of the planets below it which are the Sun, Venus and Neptune.

Their energies are likly to be melded into a main theme through Jupiter.

Chart Rulers

The two chart rulers, Mars and Pluto, (circled in yellow) show their position in the tree.

It is clear that the powerful energy of Mars will dominate in the chart over the other chart ruler of Scorpio which is Pluto.


Dispositor Tree: Links as Aspects

Sun trine Jupiter

The only link that is also an aspect in this dispositor tree is between the Sun and Jupiter.

In the natal chart the Sun trines Jupiter.

They are linked in the tree with Jupiter on a higher line. This brings focus to this particular aspect (the trine) and the two planets Jupiter and the Sun.

No doubt the energies of these two planets have much to say about this person’s chart.

Interpesting that she called herself “Super Jupey” as clearly Jupiter is strong both in the natal chart and in the dispositor tree.

Solar Return Chart

The solar return chart is focussed on the Sun. Therefore the Sun’s placement and aspects are of great interest.


Solar Return Sun’s House

In the solar return chart the Sun is in the 2nd house.


Solar Return Sun’s Aspects


There is a stellium with Mercury, the Sun and Saturn.

The Sun is conjoined Mercury and the Sun is conjoined Saturn.


Soft Aspects

The solar return Sun is sextile Jupiter.


Secondary Progressed Chart

The secondary progressed chart is laid outside the natal chart.


Secondary Progressed Sun

The Secondary progressed Sun will enter the 7th house in November 2024. This is huge.

It not only leaves the 7th house to enter the 7th, but is also opposes the Ascendant and conjoins the Descendant.



This suggests that close personal realtionships, or even marriage, will be on the cards in the 12 months that follow the actual ingress in November.

Additionally, business partnerships will be spotlighted at this time.

Any progressed Sun movement is usually a positive thing. It allows you to live authentically in the nature of your natal Sun but now with a different focus.




Solar Arc Directions

The solar arc directions bi-wheel (with the natal chart on the inner wheel) is shown below.



The solar arc directed Sun (the same as the progressed Sun) is entering the 7th house in November 2024.


Solar Arc Planets

The solar arc Jupiter is leaving its home of Sagittarius and entering Capricorn in October 2024.



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