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Author: Alison Price   –   Published: April 2024

Ascendant and Sun

I’ve been thinking quite a lot lately about glyphs and people who are double signs. And by double signs I mean someone who has their Sun in a sign and their Ascendant in the same sign. glyphs

I myself am a double Leo. I have the Sun in Leo and my Ascendant is Leo.


Triple Signs

We can take it one step further. In my family, my brother is actually a triple Virgo.

He’s got his Ascendant in Virgo, his Sun in Virgo and his Moon in Virgo and yes, he works in micro-precision engineering.


Ascendant and Moon?

Now typically, you would refer to someone as double sign if they had the Sun and the Ascendant the same sign.

I think you can also stretch this to say that if you have the Ascendant and the Moon in the same sign then it’s a double sign.

Where you could then say they were a double Libra or a double Scorpio or whatever.

I’m not quite sure if this is the case (that the Ascendant and the Moon are referred to as a double sign), but it would pass muster.


New Glyphs

And then having given some consideration to double signs or triple signs, how would their glyphs look?

This week I’ve spent a bit of time tinkering with some new glyphs and I’m just going to show you a couple now.


A double Aries glyph would look like this (dark blue on the left) and clearly triple Aries like that (mid blue on the right).



How about this one for double Taurus?

I couldn’t resist adding the eyes. And the triple Taurus with the horns joined.



The symbol I have for double Gemini is shown below.

It’s really is quite an easy glyph to beef up because the single Gemini has two vertical lines, but the double Gemini will have three vertical lines.

What about the triple Gemini? They would have four vertical lines.

So fun.



I see a double and triple Cancer looking like this. I’ve overlayed the circles of the commas to blend the glyph.

I’ve got the Cancer one at an angle in this example, but you could probably draw it straight as well.



A double Leo seems to have a continuous swoop with the circles on the lower level and the tail curving up and round.

After I’d done this one I thought it really looks like a double North Node and it does, but it would pass for Leo too I think…

It’s got flow when you write it so that works.



The Virgo glyph is quite interesting because it’s not symmetrical.

I suggest the double and triple Virgos would look like these.



Let’s have a look at Libra.

Here’s my suggestion for a double Libra and triple Libra.

It could be done with the one bulge repeated above as well so that’s an idea.



Scorpio is another tricky one because the main glyph is not symmetrical.

You could do it by creating 3 arches or perhaps put a double tail as I’ve shown here.

The triple one looks very busy and somehow it doesn’t seem quite right.

I’ll keep working on this design.



Sagittarius is pretty straightforward with a double or triple arrow.

Or even crossed arrows? Nah, that’s not the nature of Archers.

I plumped on these designs for Sagittarius.



Again, Capricorn falls into a pesky group because the original glyph is not symmetrical.

This one looks better if they are below and slightly to the right because if you keep the pen on the page the line just continues.

It has flow.

Here’s my examples for double Capricorn and triple Capricorn.



A single Aquarius has two wavy lines, one on top of each other.

So clearly a double Aquarius would have three wavy lines on top of each other and of course, then a triple Aquarius would have four wavy lines on top of each other. Maybe?

I tried that and was not keen on the look. I decided to go for the double and triple pyramids instead.

These are pretty simple new glyphs I think.



Pisces, although symmetrical, has its challenges.

I rather like the first ones with the straight lines in the middle for the double Pisces.

And perhaps triple Pisces would look something like below.


There are a couple of options for Pisces, but isn’t that just the nature of the Fish sign?

The example glyphs below do bring in the extra fish, so four fish for the double Pisces and six fish for the triple Pisces.

I do feel the triple glyph is just too busy even though it’s almost got a shoal, or is that a school, of fish in it which, let’s face it, could be an indication of the triple Pisces person anyway.


Extend Yourself


In your astrology journal jot down the answers to the following:

  • Do you consider someone with their Ascendant and Moon in the same sign as a double sign?
  • How about someone with the Sun and Moon in the same sign, but not the Ascendant. Is that a double sign person?
  • Or do both components have to be the Ascendant and the Sun to qualify for “double” status?



  • If you are artistic, how do you see these sign symbols when they are double or triple signs?

I’d love to see your new double and triple glyph designs.

You can send your new glyph images to with the subject line as “New Glyphs” and I’ll post some of them below here so we can all see.


What You Think

Here are a couple of notes that my readers, just like you, have sent in.

Responding to both questions, which of the big three (Ascendant, Sun and Moon) to use when considering “Double Sign” status and about my new designed double and triple glyphs.

I truly appreciate you all.

Thanks for sharing,

Alison 😊

Hi Alison,

I do consider Sun and Moon or Sun and Ascendent or Moon and Ascendent in same sign as double sign.  I think double status must include either Sun or Ascendent.  

Your article is very thought provoking, I prefer your second glyphs for double and triple Pisces, better than the first one.



Hi Alison,

Just wanted to let you know, I like the format of the newsletter. It’s easy to read, and I like the idea of the new glyphs for the double and triple signs.
Hope you’re doing well,

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