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Natal Promise

One of the techniques in astrology when assessing chart potential is to consider natal promise.

This is what is in the chart at birth and all the planets placements, condition and angle positions show what is possible for you in this lifetime.

It is what your chart promises and if something is promised like Sun conjunct Midheaven being well known and well respected and well thought of it may come to pass.

If it is not promised (weak MC) therefore it may pass you by.

Just because something is promised does not mean it will happen, but if something is promised you can focus your energy on bringing it to fruition.

I’ve often heard the adage, “The harder you work the luckier you get,” and this may indeed be the case. By focussing on your strengths you actually can diminish your weaknesses.

Criteria for Natal Promise

For example, you won’t win the lottery if you don’t have a strong fifth house.

Winning things like lotteries and sweepstakes are areas of life associated with the fifth house of risk and gambling.

For this type of natal promise to manifest you will need:


  • The 5th house ruler to be well placed and not afflicted.
  • The benefics (Venus and Jupiter) well placed and not afflicted.

Your Potential Energy Planet

Expend your efforts on the good things in your chart like:


  • Planets free from affliction – No squares, oppositions, semi-squares or sesquiquadrates and throw in the semi-sextile and quincunx as tough aspects too
  • Houses with many planets – One of your houses will have more planets that the others
  • Signs with many planets – One sign will have more planets that the other signs and it may be different than your Sun sign
  • Easy aspects joining two planets by trines or sextiles

Find Your Natal Promise through your Potential Energy Planet

Highest Essential Dignity Score

In your chart find the strongest planet by essential dignity, position and condition.

The planet with the hoghest essential dignity score may also be your potential energy planet.

Moving on…


Free from Affliction

Now find any planet which is free from affliction which means it has no challenging aspects like squares or oppositions from the other planets.

I refer to this planet as your potential energy planet it is the one most likely to work well for you.

Follow that planet’s message.

This is where your potential lies.

One Potential Energy Planet

In every chart, one planet will be less detracted from or diminished than the others and have more potential.

Find that planet.

Understand its message.

Work it daily.

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