Gemini Horoscopes

Gemini Horoscopes

December 2022


The Full Moon on December the 6th is in your sign. This is a time when you are personally being illuminated.

It is a period when you can clearly see the difference between your wants and needs and at the same time it is clear what must be done.

You may experience emotional insights into what you are doing with your life now.

Spend a few days in the last couple of weeks of December to review what you are doing and where you would like to be going in the next year.


This month your spending is likely to be higher than anticipated.

There are several planetary energies looking to get you to put more on your credit card than which you are comfortable.

If you can make a budget and stick to it, it will be huge.

Around December the 29th, when Mercury goes retrograde, is when you can return things, reflect on your purchases and to experience “Buyer’s Remorse” about how much you spent earlier.

Astrologically, use the time before December 29th for consideration and be fully aware of your financial situation before you make another purchase.


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