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October 31st

October 31 is Halloween and this time is also known as All Hallows’ Eve.

The Astrology of Halloween

Astrologically the sign Scorpio is associated with the end of things, death and the dead.

The animal that symbolizes Scorpio is the scorpion. Not all scorpions are poisonous but many are deadly.

It seems the smaller the species the more venomous the sting. Several scorpions simply paralyze their prey and eat them live.


Sun’s Position

Every Halloween, on October 31st, the Sun is at 7°/8° Scorpio, but technically Halloween occurs when the Sun reaches 15° Scorpio. Which is a few days later.

We use the date of October 31st, which is fine, to get the date in the calendar and it is now a set convention.

But as aspiring astrologers reading this I just wanted to be clear on the Sun’s position.

Halloween Traditions

Halloween is traditionally the night the dead rise from their graves until the dawn of All Saints Day when they are once more put to rest.

Hence skeletons and ghosts are the theme.


Trick or treat

Now this is a practice that sticks in my craw.

I love that the kids dress up and have super inventive costumes. This stimulates creativity and their imagination.

I love the streets and gardens decorated with tombstones, spiders and pumpkins.

Some have smoke and eerie music to set the tone for the evening.

Having lived in Africa, where hunger is pretty much the norm for many people, the practice of buying candy to give to the kids at the door, so they can have a sackful at the end of the night is strangely disturbing.

I would be happier if the kids gathered food for those in need instead.

Maybe I’m still not fully assimilated into life in North America.

They do say that resistance is futile.

All Saint’s Day

All Saints Day follows Halloween on November 1st each year.


Samhain Timing

Traditionally Samhain begins at sunset on October 31st each year.


Samhain Traditions

It is an old Celtic festival which came from the northern hemisphere and celebrates the completion of taking in the harvest and crops.

It indicates the darker days of the year and winter will soon be upon us.

Samhain is traditionally celebrated with the burning of village bonfires.

Samhain and Halloween are dates in the Wheel of the Year.

More on the Wheel of the Year

I have a couple of articles on the Wheel of the Year which you can check out below.

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