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Author: Alison Price   –   Published: June 2024

Solar Cycles

Tracking the Transiting Sun

One of the fundamental skills in forecasting is learning to track the transiting Sun through the solar cycle.

This involves following the Sun’s daily position as it moves through the zodiac over the course of a year.

Understanding this movement provides insights into seasonal changes and astrological influences.

The Sun’s Path

The Sun travels along a specific path known as the plane of the ecliptic.

Only locations on Earth between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn can experience the Sun directly overhead.


Seasons and Cardinal Signs

Each year, we experience four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

These seasons begin when the Sun enters one of the four cardinal signs of the zodiac: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

Solar Cycles and the Cardinal Ingresses

(Northern Hemisphere)

Aries (March 21st)

The Sun’s entry into Aries typically marks the beginning of spring.

This occurs around March 21st, but it can vary by a day or two, this is the vernal equinox.

Cancer (June 21st)

The Sun’s ingress into Cancer signifies the start of summer.

This happens around June 21st and this is the summer solstice.

Libra (September 21st)

The Sun entering Libra signals the onset of autumn.

This occurs around September 21st at the autumnal equinox.

Capricorn (December 21st)

The Sun’s movement into Capricorn marks the beginning of winter.

This happens around December 21st at the winter solstice.

Date Shifts

These dates are approximate and can shift by a day or two each year.

The slight variations are due to the Earth’s orbital dynamics and the need for occasional realignment through leap years.


Cardinal Ingresses of Other Planets

While the Sun’s ingress into cardinal signs is notable, other planets can also enter or ingress these four signs.

When this happens, the event is referred to by specifying the planet and the cardinal sign.


Mercury’s Cardinal Ingress of Libra

This would occur when Mercury moves into the sign of Libra.

Jupiter’s Cardinal Ingress of Aries

This occurs when Jupiter enters the sign of Aries.

These planetary movements are significant as they mark important shifts in energy and influence related to the characteristics of the cardinal signs they enter.

Understanding the Sun’s Movement through the Solar Cycles

The Sun moves approximately one degree through the zodiac each day, completing a full circle of 360° in about 365 days.

This movement means that the Sun will be at nearly the same degree in the zodiac on the same date each year, albeit with slight variations.

Annual Conjunction with the Ascendant

Given this regularity, the Sun will conjoin your Ascendant around the same date each year.

This pattern extends to the other houses in your chart, meaning the Sun will enter your 2nd, 3rd and subsequent houses on approximately the same dates annually.


 I recently gave this as a presentation at the Sunshine Coast Astrology Group.

Aligning with Solar Energy

Knowing when the Sun transits through each house in your chart allows you to align your activities and energy with the solar influence on different areas of your life.

Each house represents a specific domain, such as personal identity (1st house), finances (2nd house), communication (3rd house), and so on.

By being aware of these dates, you can better harness the Sun’s energy to support your goals and activities in each area.


Personalized Dates

These transiting dates are unique for everyone, depending on the position of the Ascendant and the configuration of the houses in your natal chart.


Sun Entering the 1st House

For example, if your Ascendant is at 4° Leo, as mine is, the Sun will cross your Ascendant and enter your 1st house around July 27th each year.

Transition from 12th to 1st House

When the Sun moves from the 12th house into the 1st house, it signifies a shift from a more introspective and subdued phase into a period of personal empowerment and visibility.

The 1st house is associated with self-expression, new beginnings and a heightened sense of identity.


Sun in the Houses

The Influence of the Sun

As the Sun transits through each house in your natal chart, it brings light, warmth and a sense of vitality to the corresponding areas of your life.

The Sun’s energy illuminates these areas, making them more prominent and allowing you to focus your efforts effectively.

Aligning your personal activities with the transiting Sun can enhance your well-being and success.

The Solar Cycle Through the Houses

First House (Self-Identity and Beginnings)

When the Sun transits your 1st house, it’s a time for self-expression and new beginnings.

You may feel more self-assured and energized.

The spotlight is on you as an individual, yourself, your vitality, your image, self-confidence and what you want in life.


Start new undertakings, set personal goals and embrace opportunities for self-improvement.

Launch personal projects and pursuing new goals.

Use this time to show confidence and assertiveness in all you do.

Second House (Finances and Values)

The Sun’s transit through the 2nd house highlights financial matters, self-esteem and personal values. The spotlight is on your possessions, your assets, what you have and what you have to give.


Review and adjust your budget, make wise investments and clarify what is most important to you.

Consider how your resources align with your values.

Third House (Communication and Learning)

As the Sun moves through your 3rd house, communication, learning and social interactions become emphasized.

It’s a great period to study, teach, write or engage in meaningful conversations. The spotlight is on your siblings, cousins, local neighbourhood, teachers, weekend getaways and short self-improvement courses.


Learn new skills, write, teach or enhance your communication strategies.

Strengthen relationships with siblings and neighbors.

Fourth House (Home and Family)

The Sun’s presence in the 4th house shines a light on your home, family and emotional foundations.

You may feel a stronger connection to your roots and a desire to improve your living space or take more time with loved ones. The spotlight is on your home, living space, your family, where you come from and your parents.


Spend quality time with family, develop your living space and reflect on your personal roots.

This is a good period for home projects and nurturing family bonds.

Fifth House (Creativity and Pleasure)

When the Sun transits your 5th house, creativity, romance and recreation take center stage.

This is a joyful time to explore hobbies, engage in artistic endeavors, or enjoy leisure activities.

The spotlight is on your inner-child, creativity, appetite for risk, children, love and romantic affairs.


Indulge in creative hobbies, enjoy recreational activities and embrace romantic relationships.

Let your playful side shine.

Sixth House (Health and Work)

The Sun in the 6th house emphasizes health, daily routines and work.

It’s a favorable period to focus on improving your well-being, organizing your daily life and excelling in your professional duties.

The spotlight is on your day-to-day routines, rituals, work, workmates, exercise, diet and health.



Improve your wellness routines, organize your workspace and focus on productivity.

Consider how you can be of service to others in your daily life.

Seventh House (Partnerships and Relationships)

As the Sun moves through your 7th house, partnerships and relationships come into focus.

This is a time to fortify bonds, seek balance in your interactions and collaborate effectively with others.

The spotlight is on serious partnerships, marriage, business relationships and putting others before yourself.


Strengthen personal and professional relationships, seek balance in interactions, and consider new partnerships.

Work on conflict resolution and mutual support.

Eighth House (Transformation and Shared Resources)

The Sun’s transit in the 8th house brings attention to transformation, deep connections and shared resources.

It’s an opportune time for introspection, addressing joint finances, or delving into psychological and emotional growth.

The spotlight is on your intimate life, private life, other’s resources, what and to whom you owe time or money.


Address joint finances, look into personal transformation and explore deeper psychological and emotional realms.

This is a time for significant inner work.

Ninth House (Travel and Philosophy)

When the Sun is in your 9th house, it illuminates travel, higher education and philosophical pursuits.

This period encourages you to expand your horizons, explore new ideas and embrace adventure.

The spotlight is on your life-path, higher education, religion, breadth of vision, international travel and your personal philosophy.


Travel, engage in higher education and explore new philosophies or spiritual practices.

Embrace adventures that broaden your perspective.

Tenth House (Career and Public Life)

The Sun in the 10th house emphasizes career, public image and ambitions.

You may experience increased recognition and the drive to achieve your long-term goals.

The spotlight is on your place in the world, reputation, career, your name and how you make your mark.


Pursue career goals, seek recognition for your work and reflect on your long-term ambitions.

It’s a time to shine in your professional life.

Eleventh House (Community and Goals)

As the Sun transits your 11th house, focus shifts to community involvement, friendships and aspirations.

It’s a good time to network, collaborate with groups, and pursue your dreams.

The spotlight is on collaborations, friends, associates, you as a team player and your social conscious.


Network, join or build a team or organization and cooperate with like-minded individuals.

Work towards your aspirations with the support of your community.

Twelfth House (Spirituality and Solitude)

The Sun in the 12th house brings light to spirituality, solitude, and inner reflection.

This period is ideal for introspection, healing and connecting with your deeper self.

The spotlight is on rest and recuperation, simple living, personal inner work, quiet self-care and prayer.


Engage in introspection, meditation and spiritual practices.

Use this time for healing, rest and connecting with your inner self.

Aligning Your Activities with the Transiting Sun

Harnessing the Sun’s Energy

Aligning your personal activities with the transiting Sun allows you to harness its vibrant energy to enhance various aspects of your life.

The Sun’s journey through each house in your natal chart brings focus and vitality to the corresponding areas, offering opportunities for growth and improvement.

Maximizing the Sun’s Transit

By consciously aligning your activities with the transiting Sun, you can make the most of its energy in each house.

This alignment helps you navigate different life areas more effectively, fostering growth, internal balance and fulfillment.

Each phase offers unique opportunities to enhance your life, guided by the Sun’s illuminating presence.

Extend Yourself

House Cusps

Why not do some solar transit work on your own chart? Using your birth chart, an ephemeris and the solar transit tracker [download your copy here] or your astrology journal please do the following.


  • List the houses from 1 to 12.
  • Find the degree and sign of each of your houses.
  • Starting at the Ascendant (the first house cusp) and using your ephemeris, find the date that the transiting Sun will enter each of your 12 houses.

Extend Yourself Further

And if you really want to get ahead with transits, start with the aspects. Using your birth chart, an ephemeris and my solar transit tracker [download your copy here] or your astrology journal please do the following.


Conjunction Aspect

Conjunctions are the most effective aspects to use with transit work. If you only do one aspect then choose the conjunction.


  • Find the date when the Sun will conjoin each of your planets.

Hard Aspects

As the hard manifesting aspects are more dynamic next do the oppositions and squares.


  • Find the date when the Sun will oppose each of your planets.
  • Find the date when the Sun will square each of your planets.

Soft Aspects

Finally, and only if you have time, find the dates when the Sun will trine or sextile your natal planets.


  • Find the date when the Sun will trine each of your planets.
  • Find the date when the Sun will sextile each of your planets.



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