Leo Horoscope

by Alison Price

June 2017

On the 5th Mars enters your 12th house. This brings you inner time to focus and reflect on any held in anger or frustrations. If you are caging yourself in. Or you want freedom from yourself. The next day Venus enters your 10th house expect good news about work or a new promotion at work. Now you may love your work and it loves you. On 7th Mercury enters you eleventh house and this brings meeting new people, collaborations and team or community, public speaking and new friends. outreach. Anything with a common interest now. The full moon in your fifth house shows it is time for relative expression and time to have more fun and joyful experiences. On 24th the new Moon in your 12th incubates internally, spiritually more new You reflect on beginnings and can see the possibilities. Your actions can manifest everything now.

May 2017


The Sun starts the month in your public sector and this can make it easy for you to be respected and others will think well of you. They may even decide to tag along on your coat tails. The last week of May sees the focus more on how you work in a team environment and how you are when the playing fields are leveled and you are one of the boys. This does not sit well with you as a Leo but you can “talk the talk” to let your group know you are one of them for a change.


The Lion

July 22 – August 22

Positive – Fire – Fixed

Key phrase: “I create”

Ruling planet: the Sun

Leo’s symbol is the Lion, king of the jungle and this has much to say about Leo. The Lion is of the fixed mode suggesting they don’t like change, in the element of fire indicating they are inspirational and of the active polarity meaning they are extroverted. The ruling planet is the Sun (yes, we know it is a star, but in astrology circles it is referred to as a planet).

Summertime and the living is easy – Sun in Leo

Positive traits:

Leos are dignified, have honor and are proud. They can be vain. They are the most creative sign and fun loving. They are honest, warm and loyal. They are organized, strong and can be dramatic. They will delegate to the other signs. They take life on in a wholehearted manner. They have a childlike wonder of the world and detest poverty. Of all the signs they can play their role once they know what it is.

Challenging traits:

Arrogant, bossy and vain.

Body parts:

Heart, pulmonary system and the back.

Leo careers:

Actor, actress, child minder, creative, dramatist, entrepreneur, jeweler, inspirational leader, luxury goods sales, numismatist, play group organizer, organizer, sportsman, theatre manager, toy shop owner and wardrobe master

The zodiac signs

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.