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Electional Charts

Of all the things you can do with astrology I believe that electional astrology is the best.

When used correctly an electional chart can make your life easier.

Everything has a time and place and this is where electional astrology excels.

It makes sense to go with the flow of the energy in the universe and not against it. This is exactly what electional astrology is all about.

Doing the right thing at the right time makes so much sense.

Why wouldn’t you use it?


Electional Astrology

Electional astrology is a technique used by astrologers to cast a chart to do something in the future.

An election chart it is set for a time and date in which you have selected, or elected, to do something later on.

It could be cast for next week, next month or for several months time.


What Electional Astrology is Not

Electional Astrology has nothing to do with political elections or voting for your candidate.


Election Chart Uses

Election charts (or elections for short) can be cast for just about anything you plan to do in the future.

The two most popular election charts arwe for wedding and business start-ups.


Wedding Election Charts

Election charts are excellent charts to use to select a date for marriages and wedding ceremonies because you can choose a time when the union is likely to grow and sustain the test of time.


Business Startup Election Charts

Elections are strong when used to find a time to open a business or register a domain name which you want to flourish. Every new business deserves the chance to last and prevail.

In fact if you can use an election for just about anything in life.


How to Cast an Election Chart

Election Chart House Reinforcement

You have to reinforce the house in which the election is found.

Astrologically all of the houses cover everything in life.

When you choose to do something it will be in one of the houses.

You have to make the planet that rules the activity robust and have it prominent and in good condition.

Electional Chart Houses

  • 1st house – Cosmetic surgery, makeovers and haircuts
  • 2nd house – Buying jewelry, art or financial instruments
  • 3rd house – Short travel and weekends away
  • 4th house – Buying or selling a house
  • 5th house – Parties and conceptions
  • 6th house – Job interviews and getting a new pet
  • 7th house – Marriages and contracts
  • 8th house – Signing your will and doing things you want kept secret
  • 9th house – International travel, starting college and launching an advertising campaign
  • 10th house – Business startups and IPO’s
  • 11th house – Starting a group and mingling at social occasions
  • 12th house – Going off the grid and being incognito 

Election Chart Planets

Each of the planets has particular meaning very similar to natal astrology about it’s urges.

Remember, the planets are where the energy is in a chart and you want to energize an election chart with the correct planet being prominent. 

Planets in Electional Charts

  • The Sun – Things for your personal benefit.
  • The Moon – Family and home related events.
  • Mercury – Interviews, exams, and brokering any deals.
  • Venus – Marriage, investing or decorating.
  • Mars – Surgery, sports events and running a marathon.
  • Jupiter – International vacations, starting college and publishing your book.
  • Saturn – Any business registration, company start or IPO and watches.
  • Uranus – Computers, software, apps and technology.
  • Neptune – Rehab, hypnosis and anaesthesia.
  • Pluto – Rejuvenation and spa treatments, surgery and donating blood.


The list does go on and you can find the correct house and planet for everything in life.


Tech Business Start Up Election Example

This chart is an example of a good chart for a tech startup business.

The main features are as follows:


10th House – Business House

10th Cusp

10th house cusp is Aries therefore Mars rules 10th to bring energy and action.

This suggests a startup as well.

Looking at the 10th hous eplanets in order that the meet the MC.



Mercury in the 10th house indicates good communication in the business.

The owners will be able to get the word out.

Advertising will be easy.



Venus in 10th is beneficial for the style of the business and perhaps the branding will be tasteful as well.

Venus is super well placed in rulership in Taurus.

The business finances will be strong and steady.


The Sun

The Sun in the 10th House.

The Sun is the chart ruler and represents the heart of the enterprize.



Uranus in the 10th house and conjoined Sun. Uranus rules technology and computers and so this planet in the house of the business is perfect.



Jupiter in the 10th house brings high profile fortune and luck to the venture.



Moon in the 10th house suggests there will be a family style about the business.

It is a New Moon phase chart which supports new beginnings.

Moon in Taurus is in exaltationa dn is super well placed.

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