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Gifts for Your Astrologer


Not everyone has their own astrologer, but if you happen to have one, consider showing them some appreciation this Christmas. Just like you’d gift your building concierge, your kid’s teacher, or your manicurist, you can also give a thoughtful present to your astrologer.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to receive some heartfelt gifts from my clients. These include a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a potted living herb, homemade cookies presented in a lovely tin, and even some enchanting Hellenistic Myth-themed reading cards from a thoughtful client who brought them back from a trip to Greece.

Each gesture of kindness from my clients is truly appreciated, and it warms my heart to receive such considerate tokens of gratitude.

This holiday season, if you have an astrologer who has made a positive impact on your life, taking a moment to express your thanks can be a wonderful way to spread joy and goodwill.

Whether it’s a small gesture or a heartfelt note, acknowledging the connection you share can make the holiday season even more special for both you and your astrologer.

Gifts for Your Astrologer

Say Thank You

Take a moment to express your gratitude with a heartfelt note. If you’ve experienced one or more readings from your astrologer, consider reaching out to convey your thanks.

This simple act not only brings a warm and comforting feeling to every dedicated astrologer but also enhances the likelihood of securing an earlier booking or being accommodated at the last minute when you’re known as a kind and thoughtful client.

In the world of astrology, dealing with demanding clients is not uncommon. By being the client who appreciates and acknowledges their efforts, you effortlessly stand out as the ideal client, creating a positive and harmonious relationship with your astrologer.

A Glowing Referral

One of the most meaningful gifts you can offer your astrologer is a positive referral. Share your positive experiences by writing a recommendation for someone else who may become your astrologer’s new client.

Rest assured, your astrologer will maintain confidentiality and won’t discuss your chart with your friends, and vice versa.

However, having a personal reference can be invaluable when individuals seek an astrologer for a reading, providing them with the assurance that they are approaching someone recommended by a satisfied previous client.

Testimonial Note

Compose a heartfelt testimonial directly addressed to your astrologer. Craft an email expressing your appreciation for their work and grant permission for them to use it.

This testimonial can be featured on their testimonials page as a genuine reflection of your positive experience with their services.

Sharing your satisfaction in written form not only acknowledges their expertise but also contributes to building trust and credibility for potential clients exploring their services.

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An Apple Podcast Review

If you’ve tuned in to multiple episodes of the Starzology Astrology podcast, you might want to consider sharing your thoughts through a five-star review on Apple.

Your gesture would be truly appreciated. Producing these podcast episodes involves a significant investment of time and effort, and your support means a lot.

Writing a five-star review on Apple is completely cost-free for you. I emphasize the five-star rating because that’s what we hope for. However, if you’re leaning towards a one-star review due to dissatisfaction, I encourage you to reach out directly to the astrologer to discuss your concerns privately. Publicly sharing a negative review may not be the most constructive way to address any issues you may have.

Remember the karmic saying, “What goes around comes around.” If you encounter problems with your astrologer, it’s advisable to communicate privately. On the other hand, if you’re eager to express your admiration, crafting a public five-star review on Apple would be a wonderful way to do so.

If you’re in the mood to leave a five-star review for us, your feedback is more than welcome. Your positive words contribute to the podcast’s growth and are deeply appreciated.

That’s It

Your astrologer doesn’t necessarily desire an extravagant gift from you; they don’t require additional possessions. The most valuable gift you can offer, without any cost to you, is the thoughtful gesture of a positive referral or a pleasant review.

This act of appreciation will leave a lasting impression on your astrologer, and your kindness will be remembered well into the future.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and expressing gratitude. Thank you.



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