Gemini Horoscope

by Alison Price

June 2017

On the 5th Mars will add energy to you local area as you are busy with errands to do and which goes to support your home. On the 6th Venus enters your own sign and this is significant for Taurus as Venus is your ruling planet. This shift will bring harmony and support your self, ego and values. It is a good time to get a makeover and a new hair do., invest in yourself and your appearance. Also that day Mercury enters your financial sector and this suggests there will be discussions about income and what you spend your money on. You may decide to start a budget or make a plan to pay for the good things you want in life. On the 21st the Sun is in your community area and your will enjoy walks in the park and being out and about. On the 24th the new Moon in your local area sector indicates you may find new places to visit shop or explore. You may decide to take a weekend away or a writing retreat or similar outing. Educational travels are favored even if it is just to the local bookshop.

May 2017

Your planet Mercury shakes off the restrictions on May 3rd and you can get back to normal. Going about your business is what you do best. Keep up with everything that interests you and enjoy life now. The new Moon on May 25th in Gemini is a time for Twins to start something from scratch, conceive a plan or hatch a plot. Your mind is fully engaged and this time you are emotionally invested in your project. The Sun enters your shadow zone this month so there will be quieter times towards the last week or May. This is a natural cycle and will pass next month.

About Gemini

Positive – Air – Mutable

May 22nd to June 22nd

The symbol for Gemini is The Twins and this shows up in your dual nature.

A key phrase is “I think…” and many Gemini types say this every day, “I think we should go to Moxie’s restaurant. I think you are my friend, I think those pants make you look slim.”

The ruling planet is Mercury the messenger of the Gods.

Gemini is in the mutable mode meaning they are flexible and dexterous, the element is air suggesting that Twins are intellectual and of the active polarity indicating they are confident and outgoing.

Positive traits:

Gemini’s are instinctive communicators and want to make connections with others. They are good at associations and are happy just to know your name. Twins are adaptable, restless and crave variety in life. They can have diverse interests. They are inquisitive and want to know things to fill their mental database with lots of information. They are the sign of duality and can multi-task like no other.

Challenging traits

Gemini makes good jugglers and they fare well in pub quizzes.

Gemini body parts

Arms, hands, ears, eyes and lungs – the pairs of things.

Gemini careers

Advertising executive, agent, author, bus driver, copywriter, bicyclist, book shop owner, day trader, editor, flea marketeer, go-between, juggler, magazine writer, merchant, middleman, newsman, novelist, optician, poet, postman, quiz show host, roller blader, shop keeper, teacher elementary, telesales, ticketmaster sales, trader, travel agent and writer.


The zodiac signs

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.