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Chart Interpretation Guide

As a private astrology teacher, I often receive inquiries about where to begin with chart interpretations and what holds more significance in a chart reading.

I am delighted to present my Chart Interpretation Guide, which aims to assist you in initiating and refining your consultations.

When it comes to chart interpretation styles, there is no universal approach that suits everyone.

I strongly encourage you to continue utilizing your own knowledge, insights, and intuition in your readings.

However, if you ever find yourself in need of some guidance, this guide is here for you.

New Chart Interpretation Guide

There are numerous approaches to conducting a chart reading, but the method I prefer involves initially extracting the crucial elements and saving the remaining details for later exploration.

To put it simply, it’s like sticking to the main roads and leaving the less prominent ones for another time.

Your clients are likely to be aware of prominent features in their charts, such as the chart ruler or challenging aspects to their Sun. It is sensible to address these obvious components first.

I’m not suggesting disregarding all the other features that appear in a chart, but rather prioritizing the information displayed in each chart.

This way, you can organize it into manageable portions and present it in a manner that your clients can easily comprehend.

Ideally, it would be best to schedule three to five sessions over a six-month period for each client.

This allows for a comprehensive interpretation of their natal chart potential in various areas, including general life, romance, career, and health.

Margin and Body

Section 1 of the Guide provides a comprehensive explanation of the Margin and Body method, which is an effective technique for extracting initial details from a chart.

To assist you in prioritizing information, the individual Parts 1 to 6 are listed in order of importance.

Feel free to write by hand and make use of the astrological glyphs as you delve into the chart interpretation process.

Report Headings Guide

Section 2 of the guide offers valuable starting points to help you piece together the various elements of a chart reading.

I have carefully organized the different features in a chart to facilitate your interpretation process.

It’s completely understandable if you’re not familiar with all the details mentioned in the guide.

Don’t worry! Utilize this resource to the best of your current abilities, and rest assured that as you continue your astrology journey, you will gradually uncover and comprehend the more advanced components.

Get Your Chart Interpretation Guide

I am delighted to offer you a complimentary copy of my latest Chart Interpretation Guide.

If you are already on my mailing list you will have received the complimentary guide.

You can access the PDF Guide by subscribing below after which shortly you will receive an email with the PDF included.

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Feedback on My Chart Interpretation Guide

“I just wanted to let you know how thoughtful it was for you to send the Chart Interpretation Guide. Thank you so much! Chart synthesis can be overwhelming and has caused me much anxiety in the past, truth be told. But now, with the help of this guide, I have a newly found confidence with it. I just inputted my own personal natal data into the guide to try it out, and I was extremely impressed with its thoroughness. This is such an awesome guide!  l can’t wait to utilize it more. Its going to make my efforts more streamlined and cohesive, which is a huge benefit. So thank you, I really  appreciate it. Thanks again,” Stacy

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