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Author: Alison Price   –   Published: July 2013   –   Revised: January 2024

Bundle Chart Shape

Bundle Definition

The bundle chart shape is formed when all the planets are found within a trine (120°).

The leading, or cutting, planet and the trailing planet at the end, can be in a trine aspect (or less), and all the other planets fall within that trine.

This creates a “bundle” of energy, with most of the planets occupying a couple of signs or span just a few houses.



The chart shape diagram itself can be used as a mandala for chart meditation work as well.

The planet positions, without knowing the actual planet, can provide information for the astute astrologer.

This is an opportunity not to be missed.


Bundle Leading Planet

In a bundle chart, the leading planet (in red) plays a significant role.

The leading planet is the one that’s furthest ahead (clockwise) of the others as they move around the zodiac.

It acts as a focal point or guiding force for the energy of the entire bundle.

Here’s what the leading planet in a bundle chart signifies:

Dominant Energy

The leading planet sets the tone for the chart’s energy.

Its qualities and characteristics are emphasized and often color how the individual approaches life.

Focus of Attention

This planet often represents where the person directs their attention, efforts, and interests.

It can indicate the area of life that is most important or central to them.

Strengths and Talents

The leading planet can point to the person’s strengths, talents and natural abilities.

It shows where they excel and where they can make the most impact.


On the flip side, the leading planet can also highlight challenges or areas of growth for the individual.

It might point to lessons they need to learn or obstacles they need to overcome and push through.

Personal Mission

On a subtle level, the leading planet often represents the individual’s personal mission or purpose in life.

It can indicate what drives them and what they are passionate about achieving.

Influence on Other Planets

The energy of the leading planet can influence how the other planets in the bundle express themselves.

It is like the leader of the pack.

It can either harmonize with them or create tension, depending on its relationship with the other planets.


Bundle Trailing Planet

In a bundle astrology chart, where the leading planet sets the tone and directs the energy of the bundle, the trailing planet (in yellow) provides a counterbalance and adds depth to the chart’s dynamics.

Here’s what the trailing planet suggests in a bundle chart:

Supportive Energy

The trailing planet acts as a supportive force, complementing the leading planet’s energy.

It offers a different perspective or approach that can help balance out the chart’s intensity.

Hidden Strengths

This planet often points to hidden strengths or talents that may not be immediately obvious but are valuable assets.

It can indicate areas where the individual has untapped potential.

Inner World

The trailing planet can represent the person’s inner world, subconscious, or emotional landscape.

It shows how they process emotions, intuition, and inner experiences.


The trailing planet can also highlight areas of challenge or growth for the individual.

It might indicate lessons they need to learn or obstacles they need to overcome, often related to its sign, house placement, and aspects.


While the leading planet focuses on a specific area or goal, the trailing planet helps to bring balance by considering other facets of life.

It encourages a more holistic approach and can prevent the individual from becoming too one-sided or narrow-focused.

Influence on Leading Planet

Just as the leading planet influences the other planets in the bundle, the trailing planet can also have a moderating influence on the leading planet.

It can either harmonize with the leading planet or introduce challenges that encourage growth and development.

Understanding the trailing planet in a bundle chart involves looking at its sign, house placement, aspects with other planets, and its overall condition in the chart.

If the leading planet and the trailing plant are trine, it give support to the whole chart and the meanings of both planets (leading and trailing) will blend better to suggest positive energy will flow.


Bundle Chart Shape Meaning

Here’s what the bundle chart shape means:

Focused Energy

The bundle shape suggests a person with extreme focus at the expense of variety.

They are often highly specialized in what they do.

The cutting planet is important as it leads, or cuts, the chart.

The empty two-thirds of the chart, and their meaning, may pose a difficulty for the individual.

The chart may have few manifesting squares and no oppositions.

People with a bundle chart often have a concentrated focus in their lives.

They might have a strong sense of purpose or direction.


With so many planets grouped closely together, there can be a sense of intensity or passion in the areas of life represented by those planets.


The bundle often indicates specialization in a particular area or skill.

These individuals might excel in one specific field or interest.


On the flip side, having all the planets in a small portion of the chart can mean less balance.

Areas of life not represented by the bundle might be neglected or require more attention.


People with a bundle chart shape may be quite self-reliant, as they’ve learned to work with the energies they have, rather than seeking balance from external influences.

Understanding the bundle shape can offer insight into how a person approaches life, their strengths, challenges, and areas of focus.

It’s just one piece of the complex puzzle that is an astrology chart, but it can tell us a lot about someone’s energy and personality.

Example Bundle Chart

May 2024

This bundle chart has been in effect for a couple of weeks during April and May 2024.

I have chosen this particular chart as an example.

When the Moon moves out of the bundle it is no longer a bundle chart and may form a fan.

Whilst the planets are in this tight within-a-trine bundle configuration other chart shapes cannot be formed like grand crosses, mystic rectangles, T-squares or kites.


Leading Planet

The leading planet of the bundle is Pluto retrograde in Aquarius.


Trailing Planet

The trailing planet is Jupiter in Taurus.

Before Jupiter passed Uranus at their conjunction, the bundle was tighter and Uranus was the trailing planet.

Extend Yourself

If You Have a Bundle Chart

Thinking about the current bundle chart shape and your natal chart:


  • Do you (or do people you know) have a bundle chart shape?
  • If so, what is the leading planet? And what is the trailing planet?


Extend Yourself Further

If You Don’t Have a Bundle Chart

In your astrology journal consider the shape of your chart.


  • Over which of your houses, quadrants and hemispheres does the current transiting bundle chart lie?
  • What is your chart shape?
  • In your chart shape, are there focus planets like a leading, trailing or handle planets? Which planets are they?

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From My Readers…

You Did Extend Yourself

Here are a couple of responses from those of you who have extended yourselves.

Thank you so much!




Hi Alison!

Enjoyed your take on the Bundle chart pattern. My answers are:

I’m a Leo rising so the current bundle pattern affects my 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th houses. Natally, I have a Locomotive pattern with Uranus in Gemini in the 10th house leading the pack and Mercury in Capricorn in the 6th house trailing. Uranus is conjunct Mars by 1 degree. Uranus rules my 7th house and Mercury my 2nd and 11th.

Keep up the good work!
Sagittarily yours,

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