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Work With Us

Work With Us

Join Forces with Starzology

Explore various avenues to collaborate with us at Starzology, where we specialize in Western tropical astrology.


Podcast Participation

Be a Guest on Our Podcast

To secure a spot on our Starzology Astrology podcast, bring your unique insights to the cosmic table.


Invite Alison or Arwynne to Your Podcast

Extend an invitation to Alison or Arwynne for a captivating discussion on astrology—its workings, diverse applications, and universal benefits. Discover more about our Starzology Astrology Podcast.




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Astrology Coaching

Embark on a personalized journey with Alison, whether you’re a budding astrologer taking your first steps or someone looking to refine their astrological readings.


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Astrology Business Setup

Navigate the celestial landscape of astrology with us, exploring natural cycles and their impact on daily living. If you’re an author delving into topics like gardening or any related subject, consider collaborating with us.


Write for Us

Consider writing for us. We accept certain types of creative astrology themed writing.

As we are constantly being pitched for content acceptances so please make sure you know exactly what we are looking for before you contact us.


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Reviews and Reflections

Astrology Software Reviews

Periodically, we offer honest evaluations of astrology software, apps, and other digital products.

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Book Reviews

If you’re an author seeking a thoughtful review for your astrology-related book, reach out to us.


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Product Reviews

We extend our review services to astro-related products such as potions, astrology reading cards, candles, soaps, art, or stickers—adding a touch of celestial fun to life.


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Event Reviews

Share the essence of your astrology-related events with our audience. We’ve covered events like the Norwac Astrology Conference and the Canadian Astrology Conference.


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At Starzology, we embrace collaboration and exploration in the vast realm of astrology. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the cosmic arts, there’s a place for you to join us on this celestial journey. Connect with us and let the stars guide our collaboration.