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Make Your Own Astrology Wheel of Fortune

Make Your Own Astrology Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

Designing the Wheel of Fortune

I used to teach a class about the real basics of astrology. This was a class for beginners with not even a whiff of technicality.

I decided to create a visual aid to learning astrology that the students could make themselves and get to keep. I happiliy called it my “Wheel of Fortune.”

This diagram was inspired by the birth chart and has the twelve signs on it.

Template Creation for my Wheel of Fortune

I created a template for one sign that fits on a letter size piece of paper which can be printed out. The student printed out 12 pages and started to color in and make notes on their Wheels of Fortune. 

The beauty of this is that everyone had a similar wheel, but each one was unique.

This wheel is made up of twelve “slices” just like the slices of a pizza. Each slice is 30° wide and therefore is exactly one zodiac sign.

How to Construct Your Wheel

  • Print 12 sheets, so that’s one page for each sign.
  • Add your own keywords and notes to each sign.
  • Colour in as much as you like.
  • Cut the slice out leaving the tab on.
  • Carefully layout all the signs in the right order.

      Zodiac Signs in Order

      The signs in order anticlockwise are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

      • Tape the slices lightly at the front with small pieces of masking tape just to hold it.
      • Turn it over and magic tape the slices together.

        Note: Take your time as the slices can be tricky.

        • When completed glue the whole wheel onto a sheet of cardboard or Bristol board for support.
        • Cut with scissors and trim to 5mm to the edge of the circle.

          Hang Your Wheel of Fortune

          Hang the finished astrology wheel by a centre pin so that it can rotate, because you read each sign when it is at the bottom and the signs can be read from all around.


          How to Use the Wheel of Fortune

          You should place your wheel on the wall near your desk and where you do your astrology work. In this way, it becomes as inspiration and a memory jogger for when you forget things.  

          Remember to send me a photo of your completed wheel and I will publish it on this post later. There is no time limit. Enjoy being creative and learning at the same time.

          Keywords to Use

          Many astrology keywords are well known and you should add these to your wheel.

          When you discover a new word to describe the signs you can add them to your wheel. This is how you interpret astrology and not how I do, or the next guy does.

          Be your own astrologer and develop the art so that it speaks to you.

          Why stray from the true and tested keywords? Because we want to hear your voice coming through in your interpretations.

          If you ask ten artists to paint a picture of an apple they will all produce a painting that represents an apple. Maybe Picasso’s apple is a bit odd but it is still an apple how he sees it.

          It is the same with astrology. Every astrologer can read a chart, but each one brings their own flair to the reading. Your own words are important and this is why you need to develop your own words as well.


          How we Learn as Things Change

          Back in the day I was taught that the eighth house was to do with death. But I prefer to read it as a transformation either of the mind, body or the finances.

          Now, blood donors and blood donations (other people’s resources) are shown in your eighth house.

          Greek astrologers or even those in the last century may not have experienced blood donors (or had the ability to benefit from blood donation) but we have this today.

          It’s the same with Instagram and Facebook being in the eleventh house. Social media and being “friends” with others is an eleventh house thing. But ten years ago FB was unknown.


          Always Interpret in Your Own Words

          Yes, you need to use the usual keywords to start with as you learn astrology. It is the language of astrology. But as you develop your own astrological voice I urge to use your own words. This may take a while but I encourage you to take ownership of the astrology you do.

          If you want a cookie-cutter reading you can go to the internet and find a free site that prints preprinted pages of interpretations.

          But, if you want to be a good astrologer you need to do your own thing. Your own thing comes from the internal dynamics of your own chart.

          Be yourself. Don’t be just a human computer churning out information with no discernment for the value of what you produce, rather be yourself.


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