Horoscope Monthly Overview

Horoscope Monthly Overview

January 2023 Monthly Overview

Here are the main planetary energy shifts and changes that will be in effect during January 2023.


In January, two planets change signs with one planet dashing through the zodiac to enter two new signs.


On January 3rd, Venus the ruler of Taurus and Libra, enters Aquarius. Venus is not particularly comfortable in the Fixed Air sign and may struggle to express herself well here.

For Aquarians

If you are an Aquarian, Venus will conjoin your Sun at some time either this month or next. Venus is known as the lesser benefic and she is typically a good thing. Money and love are Venus’ two main areas of influence.

For Pisces

Fortunately, at the end of the month on January 27th, Venus slips quietly into Pisces. Venus is in exaltation in the Mutable Water sign of the which means she can express her bounty well for almost everyone. If you are a Pisces then at some point Venus will stimulate your natal Sun to bring you some personal grace and favor into your life.

The Sun

In the third week of the month the Sun leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius.

Aquarius Season

This is known as Aquarius season even though it only lasts around thirty days. Where the Sun travels, Mercury and Venus are not far behind, which brings a lot of planetary energy to the sign.


Full Moon

The Full Moon occurs in the middle of its home sign at 16° Cancer on January 6th. This is the best time for a home-cooked dinner with family in the early evening as the Full Moon rises.

For Cancerians

The Moon loves being in her own sign of the Crab and now you can explore your feelings clearly, if briefly.

Always pay attention to your gut reactions at the Full Moon as they are your true responses being expressed.

New Moon

On January 21st, the New Moon is at 1° Aquarius. This is the day after the Sun illuminates Aquarius with its presence.

New Moon Wishes

New Moons are always a time for setting personal intentions and making New Moon Wishes. Discover more about the New Moon here.

January Stations

Three planets change direction and all three planets end their retrograde cycle and begin to move forward.


On January 12th, Mars stations direct in Gemini. Mars is only retrograde once in every two years, so he will be charging ahead in a forward fashion for many months to come. This is a signal that more energy is now available to tap into for everyone.

Who This Will Affect

If you are a Gemini with a birthday from May 29th to June 2nd, you will receive some direct invigorating heat and action from the Red Planet during the last weeks of January.


Mercury goes direct on the 18th at 8° in the Cardinal Earth sign Capricorn the Sea Goat. You can expect discussions to move forward now and deals to be signed, sealed and delivered. Mercury has a lot to say about interviews and if you are in the market for a new job check out this post on Mercury Retrograde and Job Seeking.

Who This Will Affect

This station of Mercury will specifically affect any Capricorns with birthdays on 29th, 30th and 31st of December. Now you can expect some clarity of thought.


Uranus has been in Taurus for a few years now and will remain so until 2025. Once more, on January 22nd, Uranus stations direct at 14° Taurus to bring some relief to social issues and abstract problems.

Uranus in Taurus has a lot to say about the global crypto market which is still highly volatile.

Who This Will Affect

The Uranus station in Taurus will specifically affect you if your birthday is on the 4th, 5th, or 6th of May as you may anticipate unexpected changes of direction in your life.




Author Bio

Alison encourages you to explore your unique creativity and live a satisfying life through your personal astrology. She offers her insights from the heart and with a sense of humor.

Go here to read more about Alison’s story.

If you want to send Alison a quick message go here.

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Monthly Horoscopes Overview

Monthly Horoscopes Overview

Starzology Horoscopes

Which Sign to Read

These horoscopes are written for Ascendant signs. If you know your Ascendant sign then read that horoscope.

Otherwise, read your Sun sign, and while you’re at it, think about getting your chart cast so you will know your Ascendant sign for the future.

About Our Horoscopes

These horoscopes consider the changing planetary energies throughout each month. In general, I look at three things, ingresses, lunations and stations.

If there are other important events happening during a month, I may write about them as well, it just depends.

I like to look on the positive side and find something uplifting to say for each sign.

When I prepare my horoscopes, I consider planetary movements, planetary energies and shifts that occur in the natural rhythms.

I also like to pay attention to New Moons and Full Moons when they impact a particular sign significantly.

I do consider planets stationing retrograde or turning direct as these movement shifts do make a difference in the way the planet can express its energy especially if they impact the sign as well.

All my horoscopes are written with love and care.

Note to My Readers

Dear Readers,

I am getting back into writing horoscopes for you again. I have had a break for about 8 months but now I am dipping my toe in the waters again.

This month, January 2023, are my first short horoscopes as I refresh this website to accommodate the next years horoscopes.

There is an enormous lot of tech work that goes on in the background to get the website looking better.

Please bear witrh me as I navigate the new approach to monthly horoscope work.

The horoscopes themselves are all written by me and will develop further as I get back into the swing and manage the tech side of things with more ease.

I plan for the horoscopes to be posted as the Sun changes sign in the previous month so around the 21st of every month.

Thanks for your understanding.



Astrological Overview

Time Zone

These horoscopes are set for Universal Time Zone (UT) which is the old Greenwich Mean Time. (GMT).

If you live in the eastern hemisphere, like some of Europe, Asia, Australia and most of Africa, these dates may occur the day after the ones mentioned.

If you live in the western hemisphere, like the USA, Canada and South America, these dates may occur the day before the ones mentioned.

What to Look For Each Month

As the planets move through the zodiac, they change signs and adjust their direction. Each planet has a couple of particular signs that they really love to be in and with which they resonate well.

These shifts of planetary energy are what we astrologers look at.



These horoscopes consider the planets changing signs or ingressing. Several planets change signs each month and this can vary.

When a planet goes from one sign into the next it may benefit or have its energy reduced. How well a planet is placed in a sign is known as essential dignity.


We look at the New Moon and the Full Moon or any Solar or Lunar Eclipses when they occur. Eclipses only happen in a couple of months each year.

Here will be the full list of the 2023 Lunations when I’ve completed it.


Considerations is given to any planet that stations in a month. A station is when a planet appears to stop and turn direction.

Planets can either station retrograde (begin to move backwards) or station direct (begin to move forwards). It depends on the planet and your own Sun sign whether a station may heavily affect you or not so much.

Author Bio

Alison encourages you to explore your unique creativity and live a satisfying life through your personal astrology. She offers her insights from the heart and with a sense of humor.

Go here to read more about Alison’s story.

If you want to send Alison a quick message go here.

Horoscopes for All Signs

Click the image below for the sign you are looking for.

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If you want to delve a little deeper into astrology you may enjoy some more of our articles below.

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Starzology has free information, tips and lessons for people who want to know more than their Sun sign.

This site is created by professional astrologer Alison Price.

5 Planetary Complex Tips Chart Reading

5 Planetary Complex Tips Chart Reading

Chart Complexes

There are many techniques which you can use to read a birth chart and one highly popular method is with chart complexes.

A complex contains everything to do with a particular feature in a chart

You can have house complexes, point (Ascendant, Lunar node, Part of Fortune etc.) complexes and planetary complexes.

In this post we’re going to look at planetary complexes.

A Planetary Complex

Each planet in your chart will have its own complex.

There will be the Sun complex, the Moon complex, Jupiter’s complex and even Eris’ complex.

Planetary Complex Components

The five components that go to make a planetary complex are the planet’s:

  • Meaning
  • Sign
  • Aspects
  • Position
  • Influence

Let’s have a look at each planetary complex component in detail.

1 Planet’s Meaning

The planet in question always retains its core meaning.

For example, Mercury will always have the urge to communicate, and Mars will always have the urge to initiate actions.

Pay attention to a planet’s keywords.

2 Planet’s Sign

When considering a planet in a sign you always want to find if there is any essential dignity.

This feature itself is probably the most prominent influence when considering a planets complex.


A planet in rulership is resilient.

Planets in rulership can work at their full potential 100% of the time.

Any planet in its own sign has the urge to dominate and express itself in the person’s life.

This is likely to be one of the top planets in the chart.


A planet in exaltation, is robust and walks towards the light.

If there is an exalted planet and there are no planets in rulership, the exalted planet will push itself forward into the person’s life.


A planet in fall, will benefit from support from other planets to achieve its potential.

Planets in fall can easily be dragged down by challenges from the malefic planets.


A planet in detriment will struggle to express itself in this person’s life.

This planet will need a lot of work to see its positive energy.

A debilitated planet is likely to effortlessly turn towards the dark side.


A planet with face, steps forward and wants to help the person.


A planet with term, is usually a nice-to-have and will support any planet struggling to move forward.

3 Planetary Aspects

Challenges or support from other planets are shown by the aspects.

Most planets have aspects to the other planets.

Consider the nature of the aspects themselves and the planet making the aspect.

Hard Aspects

The hard aspects are the opposition, the contra-parallel, the square, the semi-square and the sesquiquadrate.

Hard aspects bring challenges and energy is required to overcome the friction or obstacles expressed by the aspect.

Soft Aspects

The soft aspects are the trine and the sextile.

Soft aspects bring ease and support and boost the planet in the nature of the other planet making the aspect.

Neutral Aspects

The neutral aspects are the conjunction and the parallel.

Impartial aspects may be supportive or non-energetic.

These unbiased aspects add robustness to the planet in question.

Unaspected Planets

A planet is unaspected if it does not receive a Ptolemaic aspect from another planet.

Do not consider aspects from the points when determining unaspectedness.

4 Planetary Position

There are some positions that planet may have in a chart which are more important than other placements.

It’s like being in the right place at the right time.

High in the Chart

When a planet is high and near the top, at the most elevated position or in the Midheaven Gauquelin sector in a chart, it becomes more significant.

A planet in this position supports what you do in the outside world and in the public domain.

East in the Chart

When a planet is placed in the east, at the Ascendant position, either rising or in the Ascendant Gauquelin sector or bothit attains more significance.

A planet in this position supports your personal brand, message and the impression you make on others.

Proximity to the Sun

When a planet has solar proximity by being either cazimi, combust or under-the-beams it may add to, or detract from, the planet’s ability to express itself.

A planet in this position needs further consideration.

5 Planetary Influence

Through the principle of chart division, we can slice the chart up in several ways.

A planet may have influence over several sectors of the chart although some planets have no sway through chart division.

Hemisphere Ruler

There are four hemispheres in each chart, the Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern hemispheres.

When a planet is a hemisphere ruler by being on the cusp of the hemisphere, it brings a broad influence over half of the chart.

Either the self (Eastern hemisphere), others (Western hemisphere), the public life (Southern hemisphere) or the private life (Northern hemisphere).

If it is a tenant in the hemisphere that it rules, it increases its authority.

Quadrant Ruler

There are four quadrants in each chart the first, second, third and fourth quadrants.

When a planet is a quadrant ruler by being on the cusp of the quadrant, it has influence over one quarter of the chart.

If the planet is a tenant in the quadrant which it rules, it gains dynamic power.

House Ruler

There are twelve houses in each chart.

When a planet is a house ruler by being on the cusp of the house, it impacts the area of life shown by the house.

If the planet is a tenant in a house which it rules, is intensifies its dominance.

Triple Division Ruler

There are three triple divisions in a chart, the first, second and third triple division.

When a planet is a triple division ruler by being on the cusp of the division, it impacts the Me (first triple division), We (second triple division), or You (third triple division), message shown by the division.

If the planet is a tenant in a triple division which it rules, is intensifies the main keyword of the division (Me, We or You).

Influence Assessment

When analyzing a birth chart, go through and work out every planet complex and determine which are the dominant planets within a chart.

Having attained a full picture of each planet’s complex you can decide just how influential each planet is in the chart.

This may bring up some surprising results.

It is often at this time that you realize that perhaps the Sun and the Moon are not as influential as you thought and maybe Uranus is a dominant planet within a chart.

Birth Chart Steve Wozniak

Example Chart Steve Wozniak

Sun Planetary Complex

Meaning: Identity, ego and self-awareness.

Sign: Leo dignity sign ruler

Aspects Soft: Trine Chiron and sextile Neptune.

Aspects Neutral: Conjoined Pluto.

Position: 11th House. Dispositor tree top line.

Influence: Rules and is in the 11th House.

Moon Planetary Complex

Meaning: Feelings, reactions and needs.

Sign: Cancer in dignity sign ruler.

Aspects Hard: Square Mars.

Aspects Soft: Trine North Node

Aspects Neutral: Conjoined Venus.

Position: 10th House. Dispositor tree top line.

Influence: Cancer is intercepted so the Moon has no place to rule.

Mercury Planetary Complex

Meaning: Languages, ideas, thinking and trade.

Sign: Virgo dignity well placed.

Aspects hard: Semi-square Mars and square Chiron.

Aspects neutral: Conjunct and parallel Saturn so a double whammy.

Position: 12th house. Dispositor tree top line.

Influence: Rules Chart, rules and is in the Eastern hemisphere, rules and is in the Northern hemisphere, rules 1st quadrant, rules 4th quadrant, rules 1st house, 10th house and 12th house.

Jupiter Planetary Complex

Meaning: Growth, vision and luck.

Sign: Pisces retrograde, in dignity, has face essential dignity and is traditional sign ruler.

Aspects soft: Water Grand Trine with Mars and Uranus. Note these are the only Jupiter Aspects.

Position: In 6th house. Dispositor tree top line.

Influence: Rules and is in the Western hemisphere, rules and is in the 2nd quadrant and rules and is in the 6th House

Uranus Planetary Complex

Meaning: Computers and the internet, lateral thinking and breaks.

Sign: Cancer, no essential dignity.

Aspects soft: Water Grand Trine with Mars and Jupiter.

Aspects hard: Square Neptune.

Aspects neutral: Parallel Pluto.

Position: Most Elevated, Midheaven Gaquelin Sector and 10th house.

Influence: Rules 5th house.

Transiting and Progressed Planets

The planetary complexes indicate how that planet will fare and express itself for this person when it influences the chart by transit or progression.

Any planet which is weaker in the natal chart, when transiting or progressing the chart by aspect is likely to be weaker as well.

To know a planet’s natal strength can help determine whether as a forecast indicator it will be influential or not for this individual.

This shows up in instances where perhaps in a chart with a weak Saturn complex, and therefore their Saturn Return is not as challenging for that person as it is for the person whose Saturn is the most dominant planet in the chart by complex.



Aspiring Astrologer Activity

In your astrology journal and referencing your birth chart and a current ephemeris, please do the following:

working on charts


  • List the five key features of Planetary Complexes.
  • Choose every planet from the Sun to Pluto and list their Planetary Complexes.
  • Select the planet with most substantial and important Planetary Complex and fully analyze and get to know this planet.


  • See which house your most important planet (by planetary complex) is transiting today.
  • List the aspects it will make to your natal chart in the next twelve months and enter them in your calendar.
  • On a monthly basis, monitor these transits and ponder how they are unlolding in your life.

Blogs and Articles

More astro information from our blog.


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The Lunar Nodes

The Lunar Nodes

Lunar Nodes The Lunar Nodes are points in a chart and they are an interesting part to the whole story when you read a chart. When I first started doing astrology I was not thrilled with lunar nodes as a concept as I was more interested in solar astrology being a Leo....

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The Aspiring Astrologer – 52 Self-paced Astrology Lessons – Book

The Aspiring Astrologer – 52 Self-paced Astrology Lessons – Book

The Aspiring Astrologer – 52 Self-paced Astrology Lessons

I’m excited to share with you information about my new book The Aspiring Astrologer – 52 Self-paced Astrology Lessons now available on Amazon.

I’m going to give you a bit of a history of the evolution of this book and how it came about.

I’m also going to be sharing with you who this book is for and whether it would interest you or not.

Video Flipthrough

Watch the video below on YouTube.

Here I go over the main points of this astrology book and I provide a full-page flipthrough of every page in the book so you can see if it is for you.


Who This Book is For

New Astrology Students

This book is suitable for new astrology students.

If you have decided to learn a little astrology, then this is the book to help you get there.

Many people choose to know some astrology, and a few take the next step and discover a wonderful world of insights which astrology can provide.

This book will guide you to focus on key pointers in a birth chart, so you can read a chart quickly and confidently.

New Astrology Teachers

This book is suitable for new astrology teachers. 

Use it as a guide to bring structure to your classes.

If you are just starting out as an astrology teacher, use this book as a guide to pace your classes for your astrology students.

Typically each chapter will be a two hour class.

Time and Energy Management

If you have reached a period in your life when time is critical, and you do not have three years to spend learning something new, then this book is for you.

If you are at the start of your astrological journey this is for you.

It is for anyone who wants to get to grips with astrology fast and who does not have time to waste.

You can learn about the importance of staying on the highways and leave the roads less travelled for another day.

You can spend the rest of your life learning more about astrology, but you do not need to know everything right now.

You are at the start of your astrological journey and this book will guide you towards details which are immediately important and the things that can be left for the future.

Self-paced Astrology Lessons

This book combines all the astrology lessons I have taught for the past twenty-five years to my private students.

Each chapter is one lesson.

Typically when I teach the lessons in a classroom they take about two hours to complete.

However some classes are a little longer specifically the Houses lesson and the Synasty lesson.

I usually have a week to a fortnight between classes so my students can digest the information, practice on many charts and do some more research by themselves.

Table of Contents

Evolution of This Book

When I began teaching astrology to three women one Saturday afternoon at my kitchen table, I wrote out a one-page guide for each lesson.

Every person received the one-page class note.

They went away and returned the following week for the next class at which time I provided the second lesson one-page class note.

Over time, I developed each one-page into multiple sheets and included more information.

I increased the page count for each lesson to about ten pages whilst fleshing out every topic into broader paragraphs which became the discussion points in the lesson.

By now I had made sixteen beginner, intermediate and advanced forecasting classes with around ten individual pages each for the forty-eight classes with a total page count of 480.

Then I created a mini eBook for each stage.

Later when I began to teach the Relationship and Vocational astrology courses with six classes each, I wrote more class notes.

Only earlier this year did it occur to me to bring everything together into one book.

This book.

In the past I had toyed with multiple smaller books but decided to amalgamate all the class notes I had created over the years into this one volume.

Through the editing process, I condensed the Houses lessons into one class even though I had taught it over two.

I had forty-seven main classes including six Relationship and six Vocational classes, with around ten pages per class.

This brought the class count to fifty-nine. I wanted to have fifty-two classes which is of course one class for every week in the year.

I compressed the two Relationship and Vocational courses into five classes, three for Relationships (thus the Synastry class has parts 1, 2 and 3 and is the biggest class) and two for Vocational.

Now I had fifty-two classes in total.

Some classes are longer and some are shorter than others.

Page Design

Each page is sourced from my early one-page layouts.

Each page usually has a main heading and several paragraphs, diagrams, tables or charts.

These are all discussion points and can be explored further by the student and certainly developed by the teacher.

I encourage you to source other supporting material around each class.

I have endeavored to keep the style of the page layout similar to the original one-page class notes as that is how you learn the subject and how it is taught.

Where there is space available on some pages, I have added diagrams or illustrations as inspiration.

Most drawings are my own creations however some are free images for public use from Pixabay.

How to Use This Book

This is a working book. You are invited to write in it, make notes and draw diagrams as you learn.

Perhaps you have other keywords you want to bring into your astrological practice and you may add them to these pages.

Color things in, add collage and make it your own.

Aspiring Astrologer Activities

There are Aspiring Astrology Activities after each chapter.

This is your class homework and the activities are about the content you have learnt in the lesson.

These activities are important as they are a guide about what to do for every chart that you ever cast or interpret.

Astrological Defaults

This book teaches western tropical psychological astrology and mainly Placidus house cusps.

Where to Get Your Copy

The Aspiring Astrologer – 52 Self-paced Astrology Lessons book is available at Amazon.

This is quite a huge book with 570 pages and measures 8” by 10” or 20cm by 25cm.

The size makes it heavy.

The actual publication costs at Amazon are quite hefty themselves and of course you will have to add on the shipping to your area.

This makes the cost of the book slightly more than most astrology books but it’s due to the sheer volume of information you receive.

To get your copy from Amazon click here.

Typos and Errors

I wrote, designed, formatted and self-published this book myself.

I have had two editors go over it, but as I’ve learned in the past, errors do creep in.

If you find an error or typo, please let me know and I will fix it for the next person.




Author Bio

Alison encourages you to explore your unique creativity and live a satisfying life through your personal astrology. She offers her insights from the heart and with a sense of humor.

Go here to read more about Alison’s story.

If you want to send Alison a quick message go here.

Explore More Blog Post from Our Site

We have written many posts related to astrology and you can explore some of them here.

Alternatively write your search term in the search box (top right).

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The Lunar Nodes

The Lunar Nodes

Lunar Nodes The Lunar Nodes are points in a chart and they are an interesting part to the whole story when you read a chart. When I first started doing astrology I was not thrilled with lunar nodes as a concept as I was more interested in solar astrology being a Leo....

Meet and Greet Your Astrologer

Meet and Greet with Alison Price

Maybe you are considering having an astrology consultation, getting some astrology coaching or taking an astrology class, but you want to find the perfect astrologer for you.

So, invest in yourself and book a Meet and Greet with Alison.


Selected Times

Selected times of 30-minute spots are set aside for Meet and Greets.

Check out the current times available by clicking the red button below.

Learn More About Astrology

If you want to take a class, have a consultatiin or get some personalized coaching this is for you.

In this Meet and Greet session you can:

  • Ask your questions.
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  • Get info on the classes, consultations and coaching.
  • Share your astro journey so far.

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