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Astrology Crossword Challenge

Here is a fun Astrology Crossword for those strong Mercury types.

What to do

Print this page, complete the crossword, scan to a file, attach to an email and send to to have your name posted here as one of the few to complete this crossword.


Our correct completed crossword congrats go to…

Julia Cann from Plymouth, England.

Arwynne O’Neill from Vancouver, Canada.

Maria Michaelidis from Skorpios, Greece.

Hennie Potgieter from Phalaborwa, South Africa.

Jan Weiss from Coventry, England.

Ali Khan from Toronto, Canada





Clues Across

1. A positive element (3).

2. His laws on planetary motion (6).

4. Part of the Great Year (3).

5.  Greenwich Mean Time abbr. (3).

10.  An astrologer’s reference book (5, 2, 6).

12.  Mars’ colour (3).

14. Exalted in Aries (3).

15.  Largest of the big four asteroids (5).

16.  Ptolemy’s famous work (11).

19.  The house of your children’s career (6).

21.  An asteroid award (4).

24.  Finger of God aspect pattern (3).

25.  Local Mean Time abbr. (3).

26.  Easy aspect (5).

28.  The metal of Mars (4).

29.  Sagittarius’ element (4).

30.  Right Ascension abbr. (2).

31.  Falls in Virgo (5).

34.  Junction of the plane of the ecliptic and a planet’s path (4).

35.  A chart used in synastry (9, 5).

36.  Aspect tolerances (4).

37.  The point of the celestial sphere directly above the observer (6).

38.  Castor and Pollux are the Gemini pair (5).


Clues Down

1.  Saturn is the traditional ruler (8).

3.  The sign of the monarchy (3).

6.  Quadruplicities (5).

7.  Age of Aries symbolic animal (3).

8.  Planet of reflection (4).

9.  Toronto’s vibrant astrology group (9, 7).

11.  A planetary condition (7).

13.  The planet that rules the Phoenix (5).

14.  The State Of The Art astrology conference (4).

15.  A planetary key (6).

17.  Hemisphere from 4th to 9th (7).

18.  Immum Coeli abbr. (2).

20.  Below the Asc/Dec axis (5).

22.  Planet of rebellion (6).

23.  The 29th degree (8).

27.  The rulers of the signs (7).

32.  These can be fixed (5).

33.  The 6th house pertains to animals smaller than this one (4).



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Alison encourages you to explore your unique creativity and live a satisfying life through your personal astrology. She offers her insights from the heart and with a sense of humor.

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