Aspiring Astrologer

Are You An Aspiring Astrologer?

You are an aspiring astrologer if you:

  • Want to cast charts
  • Want to read charts for friends and family
  • Have a passion for astrology
  • Are thinking about taking an astrology class
  • Want to know which books to read
  • Want to know where to start

An Aspiring Astrologer is someone who wants to know a little more than their Sun sign.

When you realize that knowing your Sun Sign is not enough it is time to explore astrology further.

Below are some sections and links to help you navigate our site and find things that may interest you.

Learn Astrology #StarzClass

Classes and courses

Beginner’s astrology classes – 16 lesson course over two semesters or individual lessons.

Intermediate Astrology classes – 16 lessons course over two semesters or individual lessons.

Learn astrological forecasting in 16 lessons over two semesters by Skype and in Vancouver.

Synastry and Relationship Astrology in 6 easy lessons over one semester online and in Vancouver.


Private Coaching and Peer Review – by the hour

Get some one-on-one coaching – For astrology students who don’t want or need a full course but who just want some specific help.

You choose the topic. Private coaching can be used as peer review when you start to read your first few charts for your real clients.

In private coaching, I will cast the charts for your clients and in peer review, I will analyze your chart preliminary analysis and offer feedback on your details, emphasis, and techniques etc.

Attend a lecture

Go to a lecture or speaking event – various

Learn with Books

My new book The Aspiring Astrologer – 52 Self-paced Astrology Lessons available now.

Student resources

Glossary of astrological terms Some words used by astrologers to separate the men from the boys.

Recommended reading list – books, software and conferences Got some cash to spare? If you only buy one or two astrology books start with these recommendations.


General Topics About Astrology

Listed here are some articles on the blog about astrology in general.

The astrology of autumn

Your natal promise

Astrology Basics

Charts specifics

These blog posts are more specialized and relate to specific areas of chart reading. If they don’t make sense now you can come back later and re-read them.

Signs – Polarities, Elements, and Modes

Elements – The elements and herbs

Elements – The Elements in the Garden

Modes – The modes at the movies

Modes – A la mode – of the fashion



Be yourself be your Sun

Why knowing your Sun sign is not enough

How to interpret a retrograde Sun.

Summertime and the living is easy – Sun in Leo

Job seekers – Your Day in the Sun


New Moon and the part of fortune

The Moon your mother and food.

Creating Good Habits with The Moon


Mercury and Uranus – The mind planets – Podcast

Mercury retrograde

Job Seeking when Mercury is Retrograde


How to celebrate the 2012 transit of Venus

Venus oriental

Venus retrograde in Capricorn

Book review – Venus


Mars can kick-start your projects

Mars in Aries – Fireworks!

Mars in Gemini – The juggler

Mars in Libra – Walk softly but carry a big stick

Mars in Libra – retrograde

Mars in Sagittarius

Mars in Capricorn

Mars in Pisces


Jupiter in Gemini

Jupiter in Leo – He who dares wins

Looking forward through the retrogrades of 2014


Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn oriental

How Saturn transits can improve your life


Uranus half return

Uranus stations direct

Uranus in Taurus


The sixth house and herb gardens

Your quiet month – Sun transits the twelfth house

Book review – The Twelve Houses by Howard Sapportas


Mars conjunct Saturn

Sun square Jupiter

Uranus square Pluto

Jupiter trine Uranus – Get fired up!

Major aspect patterns

Thor’s Hammer

Yod – Jupiter quincunx (Saturn sextile Pluto)

Yod – Venus quincunx (Chiron sextile Pluto)

Eclipses and lunations

Solar eclipse August 21, 2017

Solar eclipse – 9 Taurus – April 2014

Annual solar eclipse – 11 Scorpio – November 3, 2013

Solar eclipse – May 10, 2013

Solar eclipse – 20 Scorpio

Forecasting – Advanced

Forecasting Techniques

Progressed Moon and Transiting Saturn

Professional Astrologers

Thinking of taking it further and becoming a professional astrologer? Many people do and you can too.

I have more information on this topic for you here.