Intermediate Astrology Classes

This sixteen-week Intermediate course covers all the fine information you will need to read a birth chart.


Semester 1

Lesson 1: Chart Balances

Lesson 2: Chart Shape and derivative houses

Lesson 3: Oriental, Occidental, and rising planets

Lesson 4: The dispositor tree

Lesson 5: Ascendant, Sun, and Moon blends

Lesson 6: Critical degrees and declination discussion

Lesson 7: The part of fortune

Lesson 8: Fixed stars discussion

Semester 2

Lesson 9: Ascendant, Midheaven and Sun states

Lesson 10: Types of signs and antiscia

Lesson 11: Synodic cycles and the eight phases

Lesson 12: The Great Year

Lesson 13: Sedna and love life questions

Lesson 14: Aspects of moiety and Fibonacci

Lesson 15: Interpretation examples: money questions

Lesson 16: Your chart’s influence

About the classes

  • These 16 lessons cover the full CAAE Level 2 curriculum and will count towards your CAAE diploma.
  • These classes feature 2 hours per lesson for a total of 32 classroom hours and 32 self-study hours as homework and other research.
  • Lessons can be taken one at a time, as you choose or by semester.
  • Classes are held in downtown Vancouver or by Skype at selected times.
  • Class times and dates may vary each week.

What you get

Each student will receive a PDF copy of their birth chart, PDF lesson notes from each session and some homework. 

This course is available via eLearning or Skype.

For more information, please contact me.


These classes may be purchased by semester. So that would typically be the first semester one then semester two.

Or you can do individual classes and pick and choose what you want to learn.

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