All prices are in US dollars.

These prices are valid until June 21, 2020.

Astrology Classes

These classes are all by Skype one-on-one with Alison.

The pre-recorded classes are coming soon.

Beginner’s Astrology – Level 1

Intermediate Astrology – Level 2

Advanced Forecasting Astrology – Level 3

Synastry and Relationship Astrology – Level 4

Price Details

These prices are per person.

All classes, consultations and services are prepaid.

If you want to have a class with your sister, friend or mother each person pays the same amount.

You cannot take one class and then decide to swap it for a semester and get a reduced rate.

If money is tight you should carefully consider whether astrology is for you at this time. See if you qualify for a free class.

Business Kick Start Master Classes for Going Professional – Level 5

Master Classes both parts 1 and 2 US$650

Masterclasses: part 1 only US$375

Masterclasses: part 2 only  US$375

Consultations and Readings

Essential Reading (20 minutes) – US$150

Intermediate Reading (One hour) – US$350

Comprehensive Reading (One hour twice) – US$750

In-Office Party Astrology

Out of town expenses – Price on application.

Party astrology three-hour booking – US$1200.

Aspiring Astrologer Mentorship 

Via Skype – US$275/hour.

In Person – Price on application.

Written Reports

Relocation chart report – US$550

Electional Astrology – US$295

Conception Timing Report. – US$135