Mars conjunct Saturn

Photo by Victor Erixon

Photo by Victor Erixon

When Mars and Saturn get together we take notice.

Mars is all about action, energy and competing. Saturn favours control, form, strategy and concrete results.

The imagery is of the young guy in a red shirt honing his skateboarding techniques in the hard landscape of the city park.

How many times has he tried this jump?

Who is watching? His competition, the other young guys, or the pretty girls?

Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio

Every two years Mars moves around the chart and catches up with Saturn. On August 25, 2014 it is at 18° in Scorpio the sign of the scorpion.

Traditionally Mars was known and the lesser malefic and Saturn as the greater malefic. It is probably not politically correct to use these phrases anymore and yet there is some truth in the labels.

We look to the ruler of the sign that the conjunction is happening in to understand what is going on.

Mars in its own sign and Pluto in Capricorn “rule” this conjunction as Mars and Pluto both rule Scorpio.

As two planets join forces in a sign one will be better placed than the other and its energy can be accessed easier. Mars dominates this conjunction because it is in dignity and Saturn is not.

This means the influence of Mars will be stronger overall.

Mars will compete with Saturn and when Mars is applying to the conjunction it will rise before Saturn.

After the exact conjunction on August 26, 2014 Mars will rise after Saturn.

Saturn spends about two years and three months in each sign (depending on retrograde periods) so sometimes a conjunction is repeated in the same sign twice.

This year there is only one direct pass from Mars.

The last time Mars and Saturn came together was in 2012 in Libra. Two years before in 2008 the conjunction occurred at 5° Virgo and in 2016 it will be in Sagittarius

Find which house 18° Scorpio is in your birth chart as this is the house for this conjunction.

First house

Start a diet. Mars is great for beginning things and with Saturn in your physical body sector you can control your body size.

Second house

Start a mad-money plan. Decide you have a limited amount to spend on whatever you want and stick to it.

Third house

Take a course that will build on your strengths and bring you closer to your life goals. You can achieve good marks now.

Fourth house

Family dynamic relationships can benefit from you breaking down borders with close members for everyone’s benefit.

Fifth house

If you have kids they may need some guidelines this week as they test your patience. Make plans to give birth to your creative expression.

Sixth house

Sweat it out on the weights at the gym. This is a chance to expend energy to form your muscles and tone your long term health.

Seventh house

If you have been held back in asking someone on a date you now have the courage. If in a relationship you could thrash things out for mutual benefit.

Eighth house

If you are holding yourself back now is a time to examine any limiting strategies and bring things into the open.

Ninth house

There may be travel frustrations. You may experience difficulty if you are writing exams now because you have the desire to rush.

Tenth house

Promotion and putting yourself forward is favored now. Actively engaging in your career path is a good strategy.

Eleventh house

Competition is high. You want to win but perhaps at the expense of your team. You may be singled out and put forward as the front man or woman to represent your group.

Twelfth house

Your energy may be at low ebb. It is probably good to rest if you can. The best way to handle this period is to make master plans-of-action to be used later.

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