Top 10 ideas to Have an astrology reading now

You may have other thoughts to add and everyone is different.

What are you waiting for?

1) You have never had a reading

2) It has been a year since your last reading

3) You are at a crossroads in your life

4) You think it may be fun

5) Your friend who just had one is raving

6) Your mother-in-law says you should

7) You are curious

8) It is a full moon

9) Your birthday is coming up

10) You want to present a reading to someone special

And 10 bonus reasons

11) You need seasonal gifts which are services and not more stuff

12) You are keen to face the New Year on the right foot

13) You constantly seek ways to improve your life

14) You are on a spiritual journey

15) You need your new baby’s chart done

16) You want your children’s chart read

17) You have met Mr. Right

18) You have met Mr. Could-Be-Right

19) You are seeking personal enlightenment

20) You are an astrology student and want to see the pros in action

21) You are getting married


What are you waiting for?