About Our Horoscopes

About Our Horoscopes

Starzology Horoscopes

Which Sign to Read

These horoscopes are written for Ascendant signs. If you know your Ascendant sign then read that horoscope.

Otherwise, read your Sun sign, and while you’re at it, think about getting your chart cast so you will know your Ascendant sign for the future.

About Our Horoscopes

These horoscopes consider the changing planetary energies throughout each month. In general, I look at three things, ingresses, lunations and stations.

If there are other important events happening during a month, I may write about them as well, it just depends.

I like to look on the positive side and find something uplifting to say for each sign.

When I prepare my horoscopes, I consider planetary movements, planetary energies and shifts that occur in the natural rhythms.

I also like to pay attention to New Moons and Full Moons when they impact a particular sign significantly.

I do consider planets stationing retrograde or turning direct as these movement shifts do make a difference in the way the planet can express its energy especially if they impact the sign as well.

All my horoscopes are written with love and care.

Astrological Overview

Time Zone

These horoscopes are set for Universal Time Zone (UT) which is the old Greenwich Mean Time. (GMT).

If you live in the eastern hemisphere, like some of Europe, Asia, Australia and most of Africa, these dates may occur the day after the ones mentioned.

If you live in the western hemisphere, like the USA, Canada and South America, these dates may occur the day before the ones mentioned.

What to Look For Each Month

As the planets move through the zodiac, they change signs and adjust their direction. Each planet has a couple of particular signs that they really love to be in and with which they resonate well.

These shifts of planetary energy are what we astrologers look at.



These horoscopes consider the planets changing signs or ingressing. Several planets change signs each month and this can vary.

When a planet goes from one sign into the next it may benefit or have its energy reduced. How well a planet is placed in a sign is known as essential dignity.


We look at the New Moon and the Full Moon or any Solar or Lunar Eclipses when they occur. Eclipses only happen in a couple of months each year.

Here will be the full list of the 2023 Lunations when I’ve completed it.


Considerations is given to any planet that stations in a month. A station is when a planet appears to stop and turn direction.

Planets can either station retrograde (begin to move backwards) or station direct (begin to move forwards). It depends on the planet and your own Sun sign whether a station may heavily affect you or not so much.

Author Bio

Alison encourages you to explore your unique creativity and live a satisfying life through your personal astrology. She offers her insights from the heart and with a sense of humor.

Go here to read more about Alison’s story.

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Horoscopes for All Signs

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