All prices are in US dollars.

These prices are valid until June 21, 2020.

Astrology Classes

These classes are all by Skype one-on-one with Alison.

The pre-recorded classes are coming soon.

Beginner’s Astrology

Intermediate Astrology

Advanced Forecasting Astrology

Synastry and Relationship Astrology

Price Details

These prices are per person.

All classes, consultations and services are prepaid.

If you want to have a class with your sister, friend or mother each person pays the same amount.

You cannot take one class and then decide to swap it for a semester and get a reduced rate.

If money is tight you should carefully consider whether astrology is for you at this time. See if you qualify for a free class.

Business Kick Start Master Classes for Going Professional

Master Classes both parts 1 and 2 US$650

Master classes: part 1 only US$375

Master classes: part 2 only  US$375

Consultations and Readings

Essential Reading – US$150

Intermediate Reading – US$350

Comprehensive Reading – US$750

In Office Party Astrology

Out of town expenses – Price on application.

Party astrology three-hour booking – US$1200.

Aspiring Astrologer Mentorship 

Via Skype – US$275/hour.

In Person – Price on application.

Written Reports

Relocation chart report – US$550

Electional Astrology – US$295

Conception Timing Report. – US$135