Christmas Astrology

Christmas Astrology

The end of the year is fast approaching and we can begin to look forward to the New Year on January 1st. Our calendars are created from the movement of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon.

We segment days or one Earth rotation, into weeks or one-quarter of a lunar cycle, months or one Moon cycle and years which is one Earth orbit around the Sun.

Astrologers go wider still and divide time into the Great Year which is the time it takes for the precession of the equinoxes to make a full circle through the zodiac.

The Great Year is +/-25900 years and this again divides into twelve Great Months, or Ages lasting around 2000 years, and the best-known one is the Age Of Aquarius which we are living in now.

If we had to set up calendars now would there be ten days one a week? No because the Moon is the month and its quarters are the week markers.

We like to create cosmos from chaos. So we add in four seasons starting at the equinoxes and solstices.

Special days in the year

New Year’s Day is January 1st.

We adjust for Leap Year creep by adding a day on February 29th every four years and again deduct a day every 400 years.

Easter occurs on the first Sunday after the Full Moon following the Vernal equinox on about March 21st.

The Chinese New Year falls on the day of the second new Moon after the winter solstice on about December 21.

Your birthday is the day every year that the Earth returns to its natal position.

We also add special dates that mean something to us personally like wedding anniversaries. Mine is on December 27th. This date will only be important to my husband and I and maybe our kids for their lifetime, after which time it will fade out of importance.

Star of Bethlehem

The point is that some dates are astronomically derived, some have been with us for ages and some are picked for their meaning to us personally.

The chart above is set for midnight, December 25th, AD1. Yes, I know this date is not right but it is the date we celebrate for Christ’s birth. So I have added the chart here for interest.

This chart features Saturn on the Midheaven and taking the place of the Star of Bethlehem.

I am aware that many astrologers have rectified this chart and even written books about it but I, being a straightforward astrologer, have placed the date we celebrate in the featured chart.


The Holly and the Ivy

The Holly and the Ivy

This is an Olde English Christmas carol

The holly and the ivy,

now they are both full grown,

Of all the trees that are in the woods,

the holly bears the crown.

Traditionally we sing about holly and ivy at this time of the year. We decorate our homes in December when the holly berries are red against the green of the foliage used to adorn houses in the dead of winter.

Red and green are the old fashioned colors of Christmas.

These traditions originate in the north. Obviously in the south it is summer.

The Sun in Capricorn

On December 21 the Sun enters Capricorn and we celebrate the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. Saturn is the planet that rules the coldest time of the year.

The two Saturn signs of Capricorn and Aquarius are directly opposite the Sun and Moon’s signs of Leo and Cancer which the Sun is enters in the warmth of summer.

Winter plants

During winter only a few plants are in color. Two of which are the holly with its red berries and deep green leaves pointy leaves and the soft ivy in two-tone greens.

Holly is a symbol of the masculine and ivy of the feminine. Resolution comes through kissing under the mistletoe which is another winter plant. Any excuse for a smooch.


Every planet has lots of plants and trees associated with it. Saturn rules cold and dry things like winter.

It has an affinity with Holly and Ivy because they are winter-flowering and still hold their color in the bleakness of the coldest time of the year.


Gift Ideas For Every Astrological Sign

Gift Ideas For Every Astrological Sign

Tis the Season to be Giving, tra-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la.

Gift giving can be a token of friendship or love, the forging of a bond or a way to celebrate having made it through the year.

As the year draws on it has become the practice to exchange presents.

What to give each sign

If you are planning to give gifts this season here are some ideas of what will go down well with each sign.


  • Sporting goods and memorabilia, tickets to ball games or adventure rides with thrills.
  • For women try anything in red like purses, scarves or lipsticks.
  • Aries like bright and shiny personal goodies.


  • For women silk scarves, lingerie, fruit baskets, flowers, scented soaps and fragrances.
  • For men cashmere scarves to keep the chills out.
  • Belgian chocolates or imported nuts. Cash always goes down well.


  • Twins like to receive a voucher or gift card for a book store.
  • They can go themselves and select from a variety of titles, stationery, journals, pens and other goodies.
  • Make sure to include a gift receipt for exchanges.


  • Cancers always appreciate another piece for their collections be it cruets, recipe books or first editions.
  • Try framed photos of family to display about their abode.
  • Homemade cookies, jams and pickles will be appreciated.


  • With Leo’s the actual item is not really important but presentation is everything.
  • Make sure your gift is properly wrapped with complementary ribbons and an appropriate card.
  • Here it is good to present your offering in a dramatic way and in front of an audience.


  • The Virgo on your list will like gifts that have potential like small plants and seeds.
  • How-to books and puzzles go well too.
  • Anything in miniature or mint condition.
  • This person will like many little gifts that go together.


  • Libra will appreciate something received from a loved one which could be a personal item for use every day that reminds them of the giver.
  • Librans are not really bothered to receive gifts from colleagues and those they do not know well.


  • Scorpio is intrigued by a mystery so here you can leave clues to the present either as a hunt to find a hidden gift or as to the giver by, for example, leaving the gift anonymously on their desk or under the tree.


  • Try gifts that take them somewhere else either in the mind, as in a travel book, or actually give a weekend getaway.
  • Not so flush? Then what about and adventure movie collection like Indiana Jones.


  • Give coupons for something that can be cashed in or used later in the year.
  • Capricorn people have patience and will enjoy the anticipation of a gift.
  • You can also prep them with “you’ll get your gift later in the day” teasers.


  • Water Bearers like something unlike they have ever seen before.
  • The latest gadget or another widget on the tech side will appeal to Aquarians.
  • Give something trendy, modern and up-to-date think App vouchers.


  • Pisces don’t really like a fuss being made of them so a subdued gift proffered quietly will probably be well received.
  • A gift of music will be appreciated.
  • You can try concert tickets.