Astrological Coaching

Individual Personalized Coaching

If you are just starting out as a fledgling astrologer, maybe you could do with some direction.

Perhaps you are a aspiring astrologer and will benefit from some specific feedback on your progression.

If you are grappling with basic chart construction, interpretation skills or forecasting techniques you may need help.

Consider investing in your future and get some professional astrological coaching sessions with Alison.

Astrology Coaching: What You Get

In your coaching session you will get:


  • A safe environmet in which to express yourself
  • Privacy to discuss all your issues
  • Focussed attention in specific areas whci you choose
  • Individual attention
  • Support and encouragement to help with confidence boosting
  • Suggestions and ideas to get you producing or understanding the topics
  • “Next Steps” to help you practice what you learned
  • Careful and sensitive guidance

Astrology Coaching: When to Use

Your astrology coaching session may be used for any of the following:


  • Chart analysis review as a baseline and so you know your level
  • Chart interpretation skills
  • Interpretation critique to show if you know your stuff
  • Astrology exam preparation and review 
  • Feedback you can use so you get to know where you are in your interpretations
  • Preparation for yoru first client reading
  • Advice on how to approach delicate charts
  • Do’s and don’ts with astrology
  • Positive reinforcement to reinforce where you are good
  • Where to from here and more advice
  • Stretching exercises and challenges
  • Your own demons in astrology and what parts you find frustrating
  • And more…

How to Book Your Coaching

When you are ready to invest in yourself as an astrologer reach out to Alison.

Below is a button to take you to my coaching booking section.

Choose your time and tell me the focus of your session.

There you are.

Astrology Classes

If you want to learn astrology, or re-learn astrology, I teach private classes.

Below are the options I have for astrology classes from beginner to advanced chart readings and more.

Click the images on the left for more details.


Beginner’s Astrology: Natal (16 Classes)

Semester One: Basic Natal Charts

Signs, planets, points, houses and aspects.

Semester Two: Advanced Natal Charts

Essential dignity, Lunar phases, retrograde, Nodes, chart shape etc.

Intermediate Astrology: Natal (16 Classes)

Semester One:

Dignities, phases, retrograde, most elevated, derivative and oriental.

Semester Two:

Proximity, Anticia, synodic cycles, moiety and dexter.

Advanced Astrology: Forecasting (16 Classes)

Semester One: Direct Astrological Forecasting

Transits, solar returns and eclipses.

Semester Two: Indirect Astrological Forecasting

Secondary progressions, solar arc directions and mundane.

Vocational Astrology: Money and Career (4 Classes)

Your passion, earning and soft skills.

Chart challenges and job seeking tips.

Relationship Astrology (4 Classes)

Love and Romance Questions

Synastry and chart comparison, composite midpoints, Davison charts, Wedding Elections.

Your Astrology Business Setup (2 Classes)

Basic Business Setup

Business start charts, your website, email addresses.

What is your business about and determining products and services.

Crafiting privacy and mission statements.

Astrology Coaching

Individual sessions to focus on your knowledge gaps.

Client work advice.

Practice readings so you can get better.

Book your coaching spot.

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