Giving Back to My Local Astrological Comunity

by Alison Price

“It’s not what you have, it’s what you have to give.”


Astrology can be an expensive activity and people who are learning astrology or those who would like a reading are sometimes stretched financially and don’t get the reading or take the class due to the costs.

Gifting time

I give at least five hours of my time every month to provide astrology for others.

If you are aware of a group or cause or someone who may benefit from my contribution please email me the details in the form below and I shall consider every request.

Examples are:

    • Nonprofits
    • Causes
    • Those in need
    • Unemployed

This gifted time may be taken as:

    • A complimentary astrology lecture at a community library
    • An astrology class for someone who is in need, elderly, frail or a child in need

Giving Money

I feel strongly about supporting my astrological community and I regularly support people and my community such as:

    • Young astrologers – Those people before their first Saturn return
    • Local community – With both my time and money


I donate a percentage of my astrological profits to local charities each year.