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The Starzologer Newsletter

The Starzologer Newsletter

The Starzologer

The Starzologer: Ideas, insights and inspiration for creative, artistic

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by Alison Price

Welcome to The Starzologer my (almost) weekly astrology newsletter, where I explore the cosmic currents moving through the ever-changing skies.

Hi, I’m Alison the astrologer behind this newsletter.

The Starzologer is the newsletter from my blog Starzology. You can find out more at

Most weeks, I explore what’s coming up in the week and also share some of astrology’s tricky bits and throw in some ideas buzzing around.

I’ve always sent emails, but now in 2024, I’m getting better organized in maintaining a connect with you. Part of this is renaming my previously (sadly) unnamed email to “The Starzologer” I hope you like it.

Who is The Starzologer for?

The Starzologer is a newsletter for those who want to have something to think about during the week around astrology. My aim is to share some ideas with you and tips and techniques that may help you with your chart readings.

This is not a horoscope newsletter, but I will speak about upcoming events of interest to forecasting astrologers.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please sign up below to get the first copy in your inbox.

Welcome Sequence

When you sign up, you will initially receive 5 welcoming emails from me in the first week explaining exactly the type of things I talk about here. These welcome emails are to help you understand the type of astrology I offer.

After that, you will be on a lovely cadence of just about every week (I am trying for every week) for The Starzologer newsletter.

You can unsubscribe at any time.

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Author Bio

Alison Price: Professional Astrologer

Alison helps you uncover your individual creativity and lead a fulfilling life using your own astrology. She shares her wisdom from the heart with a touch of humor. She offers Consultations for everyone and Coaching for Aspiring Astrologers.

If you’d like to get in touch with Alison, you can reach out to her via email at

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