Your Year End Astrology Review

Your Year End Astrology Review

By Alison Price

As the year ends it is a natural time to have a retrospective and evaluate your progress.

Undoubtedly your life will have altered over the past twelve months.

Experience tells us how to create our future in a conscious way. You can learn from the past and you may choose your future. Free will anyone?

Looking Back

It is natural to have had some good times and a few hard days in the past 365 days. If you accept what is done has gone then the only way from here is towards the future.

What you do from today on are the only things you can affect.

During this year:

  • Which transit do you feel stimulated the most response in you? Which natal planet was involved?
  • Which progression opened you up to deeper insights? Which natal planet was involved?
  • Which house in your natal chart was invigorated the most by astrological factors?
  • We’re there any interesting astrological tips or tricks that you learned?
  • Is there a section of astrology have you decided to drop because it doesn’t speak to you?

Looking Forward

As an astrologer you may have forecasted for yourself for the next twelve months. These predictions will likely include transits, secondary progressions and other techniques.

Next year:

  • Which is the most important self-prediction you can make for next year?
  • What new astrological technique will you be exploring?
  • Do you have a plan to buy a speciality book?
  • Will you begin a research project this year? What is the title of this project?

Make sure you stand facing in the right direction when opportunity knocks next year. Don’t get caught napping.