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The outer planets are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. They can work on a subconscious level and determine who we attract.

It is useful to know which of the outer planets is prominent for consciously seeking out the very customers we are naturally attracting.

It is a matter of engaging your Mercury to work your dominant outer planet by bringing it into your day-to-day thoughts. The outer planet energies are expressed in their own specific way.

How to determine which outer planet dominates your chart

Chart signatures are usually assessed by looking at all the planets in the chart. This time we will only look at the outers to get a insights into how you work on a more subconscious level. You want to find out what is happening when you are not looking and paying attention.

Your prominent outer planet will function almost as the background noise or default mode of your personal attraction. You can discover which outer planet is strong in your natal chart by measuring which of them is more energized and engaged in your natal chart by using the handy dandy table which I created for you below.

Answer the following questions and add up your score at the end.

outer planet table-page-001

Usually either Uranus, Neptune or Pluto will step forward when you do a quick arithmetic calculation for each planet as in the table above.

Example chart Bill Gates

If you run Bill Gates’ chart through these questions this is the result it returned:

Uranus = 10, Neptune = 25 and Pluto = 5.

Clearly Neptune is far and away the highest energized of the three outer planets in Bill Gates’ chart.

At this point the word charity springs to mind.

We will look at interpretations for these outer planets in next week’s post.

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