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Happy Birthday Reading

Happy Birthday Reading

Happy Birthday Reading

If you have a birthday coming up soon then you can take advantage of our Happy Birthday Reading.

Celebrate your birthday with a personalized reading!

As your special day approaches, we are excited to offer you an exclusive birthday treat – a one-hour private consultation with me, Alison.




Twelve Month Forecast

Discover what the future has in store for you by exploring the planetary energies in your birth chart.

During this comprehensive reading, I will utilize various forecasting techniques to provide you with valuable insights, including direct forecasting techniques such as:

  • Transits
  • Graphic Ephemeris
  • Solar Return
  • Eclipses

Additionally, I’ll use indirect forecasting techniques such as:

  • Secondary Progressions
  • Solar Arc Directions



The Happy Birthday Reading will take place conveniently over Zoom, allowing us to connect regardless of your location.

Secure your spot now and schedule your Happy Birthday Reading.

Get ready for an enlightening and transformative experience!


Who This is For

The Happy Birthday Reading is designed for people whose birthdays fall within a 30-day window before or after the booking date.

For instance, if your birthday falls on August 11th, you can schedule the special reading anytime between July 11th and September 11th.


A Wonderful Idea for Gift-Giving

Rather than giving your family and friends more unnecessary material possessions, why not consider gifting them an astrological reading?


Creating Lasting Memories

Personally, I find greater value in experiences and memories rather than acquiring more belongings.

Gifts that involve experiences like art classes, manicures, trips to the cinema, or weekends away can be truly special.

The essence lies in the fact that I don’t necessarily need another kitchen appliance or a knitted jacket.

What truly makes a gift meaningful is something that lingers in the mind, making one reflect and cherish it for days and weeks to come.

An astrological reading can evoke the same effect.


The Gift of Continuity

An astrology reading truly becomes the gift that keeps on giving.

Offering a Happy Birthday Reading to someone in your life who is interested in astrology, spirituality, or personal growth can be a wonderful gesture.

This gift will undoubtedly be cherished, and the recipient will appreciate you for providing them with such a thoughtful and profound experience.