An elevator pitch is a way businesses can quickly provide information about their products and services all in the time it takes to ride an elevator.

For those of you not in North America it would probably be called a lift pitch but that somehow doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Not everyone understands the difference between newspaper Sun Sign column astrology and the deep interpretive astrology you provide. You have to explain your philosophy, outlook, orientation and that you love what you do.

Most prospective clients want to partner with engaged people so make sure you get the right tone in your message. You are not writing dry legal copy (yawn) so use vibrant, dare I say juicy, words that appeal to others on an emotional level.

Say everything you need in the time limit of under one minute. An elevator pitch usually works out to between 75 to 150 words.

Components of your astrological elevator pitch

  • State all the important information about the benefits to your client of your astrology business.
  • The wording has to be understandable by anyone (especially non astrologers) you meet for the first time.
  • You have to say it all during the time it takes to ride an elevator.
  • Once you have the words on the page you can practice saying them in front of a mirror.

Clarity is everything at this stage

Condensing what may be a complicated process (doing astrological charts and readings) into a clear message which is understandable to a regular person is the aim. Don’t use astrologese. Keep it simple.

Where to use your astrological elevator pitch

It’s like what we used to say of having a good patter which means getting your business message across quickly and clearly. Your carefully crafted elevator pitch can be used immediately in the following areas in your business

When speaking:

  • When you meet people.
  • When you meet other astrologers.
  • At a cocktail party.
  • When pitching yourself on the phone.
  • When introducing yourself at a presentation.

In print:

  • In your Gravatar biographical info.
  • In your promotional brochures.
  • In any about me spot (Facebook and Pinterest etc.)
  • In any workshop flyers.
  • On your website bio page.
  • In the foreword of your book.
  • As part of your email signature.

Your natal Jupiter

The planet of promotion is Jupiter. Look at your natal Jupiter’s condition by sign, dispositor, house and tight Ptolemaic aspects to search for ideas on how to promote yourself in this way.

My example elevator pitch

“I am a professional astrologer who mentors a selection of engaged astrology students each year. I have fun helping you create a successful astrology business and showing you how to solve the two main issues facing astrologers; how to move from student to professional astrologer status and how to develop, establish and manage a small business. I love doing children’s work and helping you with your career/business coaching. It all comes from my heart and with a sense of humor. I invite you to contact me at”

This one is only 90 words but can be expanded to suit the situation. Note it is the essence of what I do. No more, no less.
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