Your domain name 

help_key_F1A domain name is the name of your internet site. Well known examples are, or

When we talk about personal astrology sites you usually have something like where yourname is the name of your astrology business.

As you begin to build your astrology practice the choice of your domain name is critical. You will be living with this name for a long time so try to get it right at the outset. Changes in your domain name once established are not recommended.

What to have in your domain name

  • The word “astrology” in the name because this helps Google find you as an astrologer.
  • Something you can easily spell over the phone. (Think Cruise and Cruz).
  • A name with meaning for you.
  • The theme of your business like whether it is psychological, soul purpose, esoteric or evolutionary.
  • Sometimes you have to create a new word as we did with Starzology.

What not to have as your domain name

  • Avoid using your initials as in PJ’s Astrology and KY’s Astrology. Think about it.
  • Don’t choose a name similar to someone else’s name like or (there is a wonderful astrology site called If you do this it adds confusion for your readers and the other guy will be miffed.

Domain name extensions 

Watch out for taking if there is already a Other extensions are .com, .net and .org to look out for and several more with the list growing all the time.

If you can, get the .com extension as that is the norm and it sets you up for a strong future presence.

Clarity and purpose in domain names

I have the two astrology sites (the one you are reading) and Both have a specific purpose and each is related to astrology but in different ways.

Starzology is my main astrology site where I broadcast how I see astrology, my thoughts on running an astrology business and a selection of aspects about astrology that interest me.

For example:

  • Living an authentic life in line with your natal chart
  • Your astrology business
  • The oriental planet
  • Dispositor Trees
  • Children’s astrology
  • Vocational astrology
  • Finding the creativity in your chart.

Starzology is a niche astrology site and not really a mainstream astrology site because the focus is not on “horoscopes” for the general public.

Years ago my team and I brainstormed the domain name Starzology which we created when we lived in Oakville near Toronto. I was able to port (transfer) it seamlessly to Vancouver when our family moved across the country. I won’t be able to do that with my other site Astrology Vancouver, as clearly that site has a different thrust.

Astrology Vancouver is more of a community astrology site specifically for my city of Vancouver, BC, Canada. I run a local Meetup group in the city centre near the downtown core.

This site is aimed at the working person in the city who has limited time (usually during lunch hour) to engage in their interest of astrology. Related events like psychic faires are also showcased on Astrology Vancouver. Go Canucks!

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