Or you can learn a lot

You may simply be interested in astrology, or you may have a few questions and want to know more.

Perhaps you think, “What is it all about?” and even, “Maybe I can do this too.”

Yes, yes, yes!

The good news is yes, you can learn astrology, anyone can. You can learn a little or you can learn a lot. It depends on how far you want to go down the rabbit hole.

People are exploring astrology every day.

You don’t have to learn it all or know everything about the subject to appreciate that astrology can, and will, enrich your life.

Even beginners who read their first astrology book gain valuable knowledge about themselves and those near and dear.

Many people are what I like to call dabblers in astrology. They know their own and those of their immediate family and loved ones Sun signs. For some that is all they want to know.

This could be you.

You may have already had a professional astrological consultation or reading and you are aware of other practitioners in your area whom you are planning to visit soon.

The tipping point

But, if you spend a little more time and pick up another book, take a class or attend a public meeting you can improve your basic understanding of astrology in leaps and bounds or dare I say astronomically.

It is at this point that something remarkable happens, the astrology bug gets you and you have to have more.

It can even become a dependance as you voraciously read every astrology book, article or tweet you can get your hands on to feed the need for satisfaction that comes through understanding.

Heed your inner voice

Obviously astrology is not for everyone. How could it be? We are all different individuals and at various stages of our personal evolution.

But, if it is calling you even as a faint whisper in the back of your mind, I urge you to heed your inner voice and consider developing that little spark into something wonderful.