Your Oriental Planet – Insights into Perception and Vocation – Book by Alison Price

Your Oriental Planet

Insights into perception and vocation

by Alison Price

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What do people say about you before you arrive? How are you introduced? What is your reputation that goes before you? Find out all this and more in Your Oriental Planet.

It is a special topics on astrology book for intermediate to advanced readers.


Whichever planet rises in the east ahead of the Sun is known as the oriental planet. This planet can often be seen rising before dawn. It is almost like a harbinger for the Sun.

This book examines two theories pertaining to the oriental planet:

Vocation – To determine if specific longitudinal aspects between the oriental planet and the Sun create particular vocational backdrop selections by considering all the possible Sun to oriental planet aspects from conjunction to opposition.

Perception – To explore the oriental planet’s calling card or tribune attribute which suggests that other people’s initial perceptions and responses to you are modified more by the nature of your oriental planet than by your ascendant.

Table of Contents


Two Interpretations for the Oriental Planet

Interpreting the Oriental Planet

Sun aspects to the Oriental Planet

The Midheaven and the Oriental Planet

The planets when Oriental

The Oriental Planet in the houses

Chart Shape

Forecasting with the Oriental Planet

The Oriental Planet in other charts