The Modes at the Movies

by Alison Price

The Modes at the Movies

“Let’s go to the movies,” said Cardinal.

“Only if I can get my usual seat in the third row on the aisle,” said Fixed.

“Shall we watch a horror, western or that new sci-fi movie?” said Mutable.

“I want to go now!” asserts Cardinal.

“The film starts at 4 pm, we usually leave at 3:30 pm that way we have enough time to get our regular parking spot,” said Fixed.

“I’m looking in the paper and I see there is a new romantic comedy on, perhaps we can consider that one?” said Mutable.

“I’ll drive, you two get in the car,” said Cardinal “You sit in the back Fixed, that way Mutable can set the navigator.”

“But, I always sit in the front!” protests Fixed.

“I don’t mind either way,” says Mutable “Variety is the spice of life.”

“Do as I say” says Cardinal.

“If I can’t sit in the front then I’m not going,” says Fixed standing firm.

“Every time it’s the same argument,” mumbles Mutable.

“Be quiet!” bark Cardinal and Fixed together, turning on Mutable “You always cause so much bother.”

“Yes, but I was only thinking… Maybe, if you two… Sigh…”

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