Surf’s up!

imagesMuch as the Moon creates the tides by exerting a pull on the seas and oceans of the Earth we can wonder what it does to the water in our own bodies.

We are constantly being made aware of the presence of the Moon.

If you live near the sea you may be familiar with surfers.

They go down to the beach when they hear the cry “Surf’s up” meaning, the tide is coming in very strongly, and creating an inward flow enough to enjoy surfing on the crest of those waves.

Ask yourself, “Would a surfer paddle out to catch a wave when the tide was going out?” Of course not! How could they surf in towards the beach if the tide was against them?

The flow of the sea would just drag them out further into deeper waters. This is quite obvious. Tidal motion is a lunar phenomenon that we are all familiar with and we accept it because we can see it in action.

Consider then the other planets and how they may affect us. Astrologers have observed over thousand of years particular traits in people with the same planetary patterns and placements in their birth chart and they have correlated these attributes.

In this way we can generalize and say that Virgos are detailed oriented and Gemini’s are great conversationalists. Admittedly this is a broad stroke.

Astrologers have more information to bring to bear simply gathered by observation over nearly three and a half thousand years.

It makes sense to work with the rhythms of the universe and literally go with the flow. Your life may be easier if you knew when to stop and when to move forward. Work with the planets.

My short surf story is the example I often use to explain astrology at work.

To have even a little edge on life is to your benefit.

What are you waiting for?

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