How to celebrate the 2012 transit of Venus

When: 9:04pm EDT, June 5, 2012.

By Alison Price

Astronomy of a transit

A transit occurs when a planet, moon or star passes in front of another celestial body. We frequently observe transits by our Moon to the planets and the fixed stars as our natural satellite is relatively large in the sky and can easily obscure other bodies.

Exoplanets (planets that orbit other star systems) which transit across the face of their stars offer an opportunity for astronomers to measure the size of the planets as they dim the light arriving on Earth from their star.

Venus transit 2004

Lucky us to see a Venus transit

Current transit pair

Venus transits occur in pairs eight years apart. Each couple has approximately 110-130 years between them. In our current pair of Venus transits the first happened on June 8, 2004 at 17° 53’ Gemini (17GE53). (Image: Venus transiting across the face of the Sun during 2004)

We will experience the second transit in the current pair on June 5/6, 2012 at 15° 44’ Gemini (15GE44). Both within two degrees of each other. Count yourself lucky to be alive to see this exciting astronomical occurrence.

Previous transit pairs

The last pair of Venus transits were on December 9, 1874 and December 6, 1882 both in the sign of Sagittarius and only 2°/3° apart.  The next pair of Venus transits will be on December 10, 2117 and December 8, 2125 again occurring in Sagittarius.

Venus retrograde

When in retrograde motion, Venus transits the Sun from the inferior conjunction. This means Venus is between the Earth and the Sun.

When Venus makes a conjunction to the Sun from the far side of the Sun it is known as a superior conjunction. In this case the Sun is between the Earth and Venus which is direct in motion.

Interpretation for a Venus transit

A Venus transit is a conjunction aspect with the Sun. It is special because the two planets are at the same declination which is a measurement north or south from the celestial equator displayed in degrees, minutes and seconds. On June 5, 2012 the Sun and Venus will be at 22° 38’ 37’’ N and are not only conjoined by longitude, but also in the parallel aspect with each other by declination. This situation exquisitely intensifies the conjunction.

When the Sun and Venus come together it is a time for identifying (Sun) with love and money (Venus). She is known as the lesser benefic and always brings good things to the party. The Sun consistently gives positive times. There is no downside to a Sun / Venus conjunction.

The Sun rules Leo, Venus rules Taurus and Libra. This combination of signs suggests  themes of warmth (Leo), pleasant social events (Libra) with good food and music (Taurus). Not to mention the endless chatting, texting and emails so typical of all things Gemini. This blend of energies will result in a great evening. In Toronto and all places on Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) the transit is after sunset at 9:04pm so an evening out is indicated.

Find this transit in your chart

The astrological community is excited about this upcoming transit. Find the natal house where 15GE44 is in your chart.

Below are some ideas on how to celebrate this special day.

First house: Celebrate by acquiring a makeover. Invest in yourself. Get the works; new hair, new clothes and a whole new attitude!

Second house: Build your collections with smart acquisitions and go on a shopping expedition. Retail therapy anyone?

Third house: Have a fun spending time with your sisters, female cousins or the girl next door.

Fourth house: Celebrate at home. Entertain your family with fine wines, featured cheeses and mood music or break out the barbecue.

Fifth house: Party, party, party! Ok, get the kids involved, but, party, party, party!

Sixth house: Cocktails with co-workers and yes, you can discuss the job, if you must.

Seventh house: Join your loved one to appreciate a romantic candlelit dinner for two. Sigh…

Eighth house: Prepare for a hot and sticky evening…

Ninth house: If you are away from home or traveling on the road find time to enjoy a cosmopolitan experience. Think Mexican, Indian or other international feasts.

Tenth house: Still at the office? Get out of there and share a laugh (yes you) with your colleagues.

Eleventh house: Enjoy the company of good friends. Those who really know who you are and can call you on it.

Twelfth house: In peace and quiet be in your own company, feet curled up with a box of chocolates and a good movie. Bliss.

Where I’ll be

For myself the transit occurs in my eleventh house. I shall be socializing and breaking bread with two wonderful astrology friends. Sharing good food, good company and a laugh or two and no doubt planning a global takeover ha-ha!


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