The Astrology of December 2017

by Alison Price


As we look at the astrology of December 2017 we see that it has its own cosmic ebb and flow as different energies come into play.

This happens as the planets slowly shift against the backdrop of the signs. It is much like a kaleidoscope of various colours and shapes that create new patterns as you turn the tube.

The inner planets Mercury and Venus will generally be in Capricorn in December because they travel near the Sun.

During the time over the year-end the other planets can bring their flavour to the proceedings because they will not be in Capricorn. Oh, but that’s not true this year as we’ll soon see.

Saturn into Capricorn

The big news this month is that Saturn is moving into Capricorn.

Signs that will feel this energy shift the most are Capricorn, Aquarius and anyone who is turning twenty-nine, fifty-nine or eighty-nine years old in 2018. For these people will have Saturn in Capricorn in their birth chart and this means a Saturn return is up for them.

Saturn in Capricorn is a recalibration of worthy and achievable goals that you can set. You will be limited, but only by your own hand, as you strive to build a foundation for your future.

Governments, corporations and businesses will be more transparent as the people demand honest dealings. Laws brought in to force now will restrict and contain anything that has been running rampant.

Company taxes is one area that will be addressed.

On a personal level you will learn the hard way just what your limitations are. Parents of teenagers will clamp down and try to resist the pressure from their children. Parenting itself will become a respected vocation.

Later parenting and big brother types of groups will gain strength. Discipline for youth will be brought in again.

The internet will be restructured and a fairer equity will come in.

All of these changes will evolve over the next two and a half years as Saturn transits the whole of Capricorn.

Mars Moves into Scorpio

Mars goes home to watery Scorpio to bring a deeper and more profound experience in intimacy for some signs.

Expect a magnetic attraction to what really matters whether it is family, friends or a personal project you are trying to get off the ground.

Get help from others and let them do any heavy lifting for you.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury will be retrograde for most of the month which creates a strain on Christmas shopping. The holiday crowds will be three times as likely to be annoying than usual.

Either get your seasonal shopping done in November and if you can’t do that then wait until Christmas Eve.

If you do buy stuff you will probably return the things you bought and go back to the store even before the season really starts because you are dissatisfied with your purchases.

You will be saying to yourself, “I can do better than this” as you look at the collection of gifts you bought with such hopes to give before the time.

The best shopping will be in the bag before December 3rd and unbelievably on Christmas Eve.

Avoid the crush as shoppers return three times because of the Mercury retrograde period to the shops to buy stuff that is inappropriate, wrong or damaged in some way.

This year promises to be hectic for shoppers and retailers alike. There will be words.

Expect postal delays as well because Mercury rules the post office, couriers and delivery services.


Good gifts this year will be those that give time to the recipient like personal services, manicures and classes. Each sign has gifts they want.

Buy language lessons such as Spanish, Mandarin or French. Give the gift of classes to learn internet stuff and writing or calligraphy lessons.

All books will go down well as will reading apps that develop verbal skills. Audiobooks will do well as well because they give time to the recipient as they can do two things at once like commute and listen to an audiobook.

If you need a gift for your astrologer they will be most welcome.

Winter Solstice

After the solstice on the twenty-first (when the Sun moves into Capricorn) relax as the big drama is behind you.

Business functions, soirées and dinners around New Year will be important for your future and you need to be there.

Take a few days off to rest up and take it easy from December 22nd until New Year’s Eve. Spend time resting and rejuvenate yourself with music, massage, meditation and personal grooming treatments.

This is the time for a year end review.

Venus into Capricorn

Venus enters conservative Capricorn on Christmas Day to bring good cheer to all proceedings. Wear your best bib and tucker and step confidently into the festivities.

New Year

Changes will start from the first day of 2018 and you need to be on the starting grid from the get-go.

Be ready for the New Year this time as it will be a seriously competitive one. You do not want to be caught napping this time around. If you like get your New Year’s resolutions down so you can plan ahead.

Gear yourself up and face the New Year with confidence in December 2017.