Horoscope Syndication – Creative and Uplifting Insights

by Alison Price

About Horoscope Syndication

If you want creative and uplifting horoscopes for publication in your magazine, ezine or site you’ve come to the right place.

I write weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes and yes, I am a human so it is all crafted by my own fair hands.

You can choose to take weekly, monthly and annual “in-depth” horoscopes or a combination of all three. So there is one to suit your publication.

Each syndicated horoscope has its own original content which you can use in your magazine, newsletter, pages or blog. It’s up to you.

To meet your global market all horoscope dates are Universal Time (UT) old (GMT).

Horoscopes are written for the Western tropical zodiac (Aries, Taurus Gemini etc.).

Monthly Horoscopes – the details

Monthly horoscopes cover any developing trends which will unfold and they highlight special days each month. Monthly horoscopes explore the dynamic power of the Sun in astrology and the effect it has on everyday life.

Monthly horoscopes are for each month of the year from the 1st of the month to the last day.

  • Individual horoscopes for twelve signs
  • 100 words per sign for 12 signs (1200 words)
  • Available as a Word file download see below.


Free example monthly horoscopes for July 2017.

Annual Horoscopes “In Depth” – the details

The annual in-depth horoscope is the gold standard for horoscope writing. This horoscope has all the information that you will need in the astrological world.

It is written in a clear and easily understood way and brings forth the features of love, money, creativity, well-being, and vision. This horoscope is suitable for a feature article on horoscopes and is content rich and insightful.

The annual “in-depth” horoscope explains the exciting combinations of all planets and trends that will develop and unfold during the course of the year.

The annual in-depth horoscope is for the twelve-month period from January to December in any year.

What you get:

  • Individual horoscopes for twelve signs
  • 1000 words per sign for 12 signs (12000 words)
  • Written in Word



Ghost Written Horoscopes

Because you are buying the horoscopes from me for your purposes, and as I am effectively your ghostwriter, you can use your name or a name you choose in the byline for all horoscopes.

Or you may use the byline “by Starzology”, or “by Alison Price” if you wish. The choice is yours.

Payments PayPal

Due to the digital nature of horoscope products and by that I mean you get an electronic file written in Word. All horoscope downloads are paid  via PayPal

What people are saying about my syndicated Horoscopes

“Although your horoscopes are well priced, your work is far better than everything else available.” – Alexey, Ukraine.

“My clients love your insights.” – Michelle, Nice, France.

“Thank you for being reliable and producing such excellent material for our women’s magazine.” – Megan, Vale of York.

“A worthwhile expense.” Helen, NYC