Superior Planet Synodic Cycles – A Look at the Big Picture

by Alison Price

I am super excited to be invited as the initial speaker at this esteemed (and one and only) Canadian astrology conference this September in Calgary.

On this page are the first details and more will follow.

If you are a student of astrology or a seasoned professional then please support Canadian astrology and join us this autumn in Calgary.

Read how to have fun at an astrology conference and get some tips on conference going and getting the best from the experience. If you live in Calgary then you need to support local astrology anyway.

Superior Planet Synodic Cycles – A Look at the Big Picture

This lecture covers the principles of superior planet synodic cycles and how they can be interpreted in a meaningful way for use in your astrology practice today.

Find out each pair’s birth point and where they fall in your chart.

See where we are in each cycle by phase.

Explore how the seeds of each cycle are played out over the years.

Free for You

Each person who attends my lecture will receive a copy of my eBook “Superior Planet Synodic Cycles” to be published shortly


Book Now

Canadian Astrological Conference – 2017


1pm, Friday, September 15, 2017


Royal Executive Hotel

2828 – 23 St NE

Calgary, AB


Get a Reading with Alison

As always when I am at a conference I shall be doing natal chart reading and there will be a few spots for bookings. This is likely to be five or six spots.

Pre-book and prepay

Typically my readings are for 30 minutes and there will be some spots available for you to pre-book your time.

The benefit of pre booking and prepaying are that I can work on your chart before i arrive and so you will benefit from a deeper interpretation.

Pre-booked spots are discounted. Best value.

On -the-spot readings

On-the-spot readings will also be offered on a walk-in basis.

These will be early morning and evening options.

I will get these details out soon.

Please contact me via my contact page for more information on how to book your reading.

Follow me on Instagram as Starzology.

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