Summer Astrology Workshop Vancouver #StarzClass

 Summer Workshop


Vancouver’s 5th Annual Summer Astrology Workshop


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Luminaries Summer Workshop, Vancouver

Saturday, July 7th, 2018


Sands Hotel, Davie Street, Vancouver

Lunations: New Moons and Full Moons with Toby Aldren

9:30 – 10:50

Watch the New Moon and Full Moon trigger events that may or may not have been suggested by recent transits.

Solar Returns with Alison Price

11:20 – 12:30

See what your birthday chart has to say about the year ahead. Explore themes about to develop, captured in time.

Lunch Break

12:30 – 2:00

Lunar Arc and Solar Arc Directions with Toby Aldren

2:00 – 3:20

Forecast major developments in your life with the “hour hand” of Solar Arcs and the “minute hand” of Lunar Arcs.

Creating Sun Sign Horoscopes with Alison Price

3:40 – 5:00

Learn how professional Sun sign horoscopes are created. Follow the key planetary cycles through the zodiac.


Toby Aldren and Alison Price 

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