Aspiring Astrologer Second Opinions

by Alison Price

Aspiring Astrologer Second Opinions

I am always happy to help colleagues and students out with astrological advice.

Over the years it has been my pleasure to have assisted many students and those who want to go professional to take that first fledgeling leap into professional astrological consulting.

What you get from a second opinion

Let me know the focus of the request from your client i.e. romance, money, health, career etc.

From this information I will generate all the relevant astrological charts for instance; natal, transit, secondary progressed and solar return charts. (Synastry requires two charts).

I will send you an email with my astrological interpretation showing the astrology short form code of what is the relevant information that you need to focus on which I glean from the charts.

This is usually three pages of information.

I do not write the interpretation, you still have to do that, but I get you on the right track.

Your privacy and your client’s privacy

Even if we may have mutual friends in the astrological community, your professional privacy is guaranteed. Second opinions are to support your interpretation techniques.

I do not need to know who is your client and you will still present your analysis to them.

When to Use Aspiring Astrologer Second Opinions

Second opinions are for those questions “Can you have a quick look at my client’s charts, here are their chart details… I have had a look and I was wondering about this and that…”

It is also for astrology students who are going professional (that is – getting paid)  and need some guidance on their first few paying client’s consultations.


You can check out my current Aspiring Astrologer Second Opinions prices.

If you have any more questions I invite you to contact me through the contact form below.

Second opinions are typically for aspiring astrologers and students who wish to have a second opinion on their client’s chart or forecast.