Online PreRecorded Astrology Courses

by Alison Price

Online Astrology Courses Rolling Out Soon

I am very excited to tell you that our new Online Astrology Courses are coming soon.

They will be rolled out to my beta squad (selected people) in the New Year, and by “New Year,” I mean in 2020.


For a chance to join my beta squad email


You may know that I have been teaching astrology classes for many years. My speciality of late is to provide world-class astrology teaching and this I do through my One-to-One classes. You can find out more about these classes here.

But, what I’ve found is, that I have quickly reached my capacity to teach One-to-One classes and my time is totally consumed with these. Also, for many people, these classes were out of reach due to the cost.

Enter Online Courses.

By creating the same class content that  I teach in my One-to-One classes, and replicating it in the online classes.

With this initiative, I believe that I have reached a happy medium for my students.

The online courses are a more affordable option to learn quality astrology with me.

Online Course Delivery

These courses will be delivered via a robust, high-level professional course provider.

You will need a computer, or smartphone and internet.

Example Content

There will be sixteen lessons in each course.

In each course, there will be mainly videos and but each class will contain multi-media, resources, handout, quizzes and other valuable content.

The videos in my online courses will follow the theme and style of all of my YouTube videos on the Starzology Channel and you can check them out.

Additionally, as you go through the online courses there are downloads and handouts for you to practice what you learn.

There will be a quiz after most lessons and worksheets to help keep you on track.


I will be adding one lesson at a time and for those who sign up earlier rather than later, your costs will be substantially lower and remain so.

Once you sign up, you will automatically receive notification of the next classes as I prepare them.

If you wait until the end, when all 16 lessons are complete, the price will be higher.

Courses Overview

Beginner Astrologer’s Online Course Content

First, we will have the Beginner Astrologer’s Online Course going live.

This course will be rolled out in early 2020.

This is first-year astrology learning and is suitable for beginners.

Intermediate Astrologer’s Online Course Content

Depending on how long the beginner’s course takes me to create, I will then move onto the Intermediate Astrologer’s Course content.

This course polishes your natal chart readings with a high level of detail.

Advanced Astrologer’s Online Course Content

Finally, I will have the advanced astrologer’s online course content ready for you. I can’t say when just yet.

This is the forecasting course and covers four main topics in astrological forecasting.

Ongoing Course Creation

As you can imagine there is a lot to do, but I shall press onwards creating all the classes for you.

Reading between the lines, this also indicates that I will be fazing out my One-on-One classes and may no longer offer them after December 2020.

All students who are registered with me now will continue to receive their classes with no interruption if they wish.

Calling all Aspiring Astrologers

If you want to get a peek into the new Starzology Online Astrology Courses for a nominal fee as they roll out in the next few months then this is for you.

We are seeking creative criticism and want to tap into your eye for detail to make our online courses meaningful for all viewers.

You will be encouraged to send feedback and respond to surveys on the content, delivery and anything else you like.

Early Adopter – What You Get

As an early adopter, you get to see the course unfold over time.

You get to be in on the ground floor and at unbelievable prices that remain forever.

There are 16 lessons in each course. The first lesson will be free for a while until the second class is available. From then onwards the cost to join is a nominal fee.

With the addition of each class, the cost to join will increase per class. Finally, when class 16 is launched it will be at full price.

So if you join after class number 1 it is free for you. But when class number 2 drops there is a small fee and a subsequent slow increase as more classes are added.


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  1. I would really like to do these online courses as they will now be more affordable for me. Perfect timing too. I will star with the beginners inspite of having a certain level of knowledge. As I am reviewing I don’t have as much as I thought. Please keep me informed

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