North West Astrology Conference

Seattle, WA, USA


I attended NORWAC for the first time this May (2013) and I have to admit I was impressed on many fronts.

This was the 29th year it has been held and any astrologer will tell you that it clearly makes it it’s Saturn return year. Any conference that can survive the first orbit from the Old Guy has to be doing something right.

The Lecture Topics

There was a broad variety of astrology topics covered although some talks strayed into consciousness raising area, which to my mind is not mainstream astrology, but an interesting aside to the meat of the conference.

The Organizers

I did not know this was a family run event until I arrived but it works well as every member plays their part. Laura is a gracious hostess who manages to touch base, chat with everyone and remembers your name. These guys and gals are clearly well organized.

The Speakers

World class! NORWAC does attract the big boys and girls of the astrology world. At this conference you know the names of most of the speakers because they wrote the books that are nestling on your bookshelf at home.

I want to give a shout out to Chris, Kelly and Steven whose talks resonated with me for being thought provoking, practical and giving hope for astrology’s future.

The Vibe

With over 130 people sitting down for the Saturday night banquet you know there is a buzz.

Conversations were constantly in full swing covering every aspects of the astrologer’s experience. Evenings continued into the night with plenty of socializing at the bar. Cheers!

The Venue

The Doubletree Suites hotel near SeaTac airport was most agreeable and every room has an astrology work room en suite. This is perfect for lecture preparation and for giving client consultations.

Wifi available throughout the whole complex. The restaurant served reasonably priced meals and the coffee shop had a selection of herbal teas to suit any discerning tea drinker.

The Friends

I was happy to catch up with old friends (well some younger than others, I of course am the same age as before) and reinforce acquaintances recently met in Vancouver.

At the various talks and events I was able to meet new friends and exchange contact details. I’m back home and already interesting people are popping up in my inbox reaching out and connecting. A wonderful feeling.

A wonderful feeling.

The Take Home

I enjoyed this conference very much. I will endeavor to make it back next year as it celebrates thirty years providing astrology for the North West astrological community.