by Alison Price

When I was a young girl my mother always made New Year’s Resolutions.

We would discuss them after dinner on New Years Eve whilst waiting for the clock to chime twelve. She truly believed they would make the next year better.

She had resolutions such as no more chocolate, eat fish twice a week or give up smoking –  those were the days.

Ultimately they did not last. Why, because they were too dramatic. To totally banish chocolate will never happen, to anyone, I mean, come on.

You have a better chance of keep a New Years resolution if it is something that can be practiced in moderation especially when it’s about food.

Habits and the Moon

Habits are activities and rituals that we have been doing for so long they seem to be simply part of who we are.

Better habits have to be learned.

In astrology your habits are shown by the Moon placement in your chart. The Moon marks out our “months” by making one full circle round the Earth. During this lunar transit it makes all the possible aspects and touches our charts in every way possible. A bit like a mini year as it reflects the Sun’s movement through the zodiac.

28 Days

It takes 28 days (one lunar month) to reprogram yourself to accept new things, routines and break a habit.

If you can keep going for at least four weeks you have a better chance of making the adjustment. This goes for everything you want to change.

Moderation is key to life changes that you can achieve and maintain in the long run.

Typical New Year’s resolutions are:

  • Quit smoking
  • Spend less time in the office
  • Lose weight
  • Be nicer
  • Read a book a week

Measurable change

This year I read my first Stephen King book. No, not Carrie or one of his trademark horrors but On Writing: A memoir of the craft.

In it he explains that he writes 2000 words every day of the year including Christmas Day and his Birthday. Whether it is first drafts, second, third, editing or whatever he finds that he can achieve this number of words on the page.

Recently I have been writing more for my blog, newsletter articles, class lesson notes, eBooks, guest posts and I have three book manuscripts on the back burner (and have had for sometime now).

I think I may be in the groove and making some writing progress here. Grammar is still a big issue, but that won’t stop me, at this stage nothing will.

My New Year resolution

This year I want to step up my writing. I am setting a personal goal of 1000 words a day for five days a week. That will be 5000 words a week or 250000 words by the end of December.

Some days I won’t be able to make the full count but then I hope to play catchup the next day so the week’s total count balances out

I may do more, I may do less, but I believe it is an achievable goal. It takes guts to put this out there into the universe but this year I am drawn.

Can I do it?

I hope so.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions for next year? Will you choose something attainable this year or stay the chocolate route?